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IEC Quality Assessment System (IECQ)
CB Certificate No.CB/NAIManufacturer NameManufact. LocationIECQ Certificate No.Status
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IECQ-L 2009.011 Issue 5CEPHIPRO ELECTRONICS (DONGGUAN) C...ChinaIECQ-L CEP 09.0003Cancelled
JQAQ0013-001-T Issue 3JQAJPIMV CORPORATION Test Laborator...JapanIECQ-L JQAJP 13.0005Cancelled
JQAQ0013-002-T Issue 3JQAJPIMV CORPORATION Test Laborator...JapanIECQ-L JQAJP 13.0005-01Cancelled
JQAQ0013-003-T Issue 3JQAJPIMV CORPORATION Test Laborator...JapanIECQ-L JQAJP 13.0005-02Cancelled
1.72.0040 Issue 5NSAIUSSpectrum Research & Testing La...TaiwanIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0003Cancelled
1.72.0031/B Issue 6NSAIUSIntegrated Service Technology ...ChinaIECQ-L NSAIUS 09.0005Cancelled
1.72.0107 Issue 3NSAIUSBD Corporate Preclinical Devel...United States of AmericaIECQ-L NSAIUS 10.0001Cancelled
1.72.0104 Issue 6NSAIUSGeneva LaboratoriesUnited States of AmericaIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0001Cancelled
1.72.0104/A Issue 1NSAIUSGeneva LaboratoriesUnited States of AmericaIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0001-01Cancelled
T1130-5 Issue 1ULTWInnolux Optoelectronics Ltd. (...ChinaIECQ-L ULTW 09.0023-04Cancelled
1.72.0131 Issue 3NSAIUSShenZhen BestJ Testing Technol...ChinaIECQ-L NSAIUS 12.0001Cancelled
1234567 Issue 1NSAIUSFancy NancysUnited States of AmericaIECQ-L NSAIUS 15.0001Cancelled
1.72.0103 Issue 6NSAIUSSpirox Corporation, IC Verific...TaiwanIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0004Cancelled
T1156 Issue 1ULTWVisEra Technologies Company Lt...TaiwanIECQ-L ULTW 15.0001Cancelled
1.72.0088 Issue 4NSAIUSAtotech Taiwan Limited, Advanc...TaiwanIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0005Cancelled
1.72.0088/A Issue 2NSAIUSAtotech Taiwan Limited, Advanc...TaiwanIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0005-02Cancelled
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