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IEC System for Quality Assessment for Electronic Component (IECQ System)
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CB Certificate No.IECQ Certificate No.Company NameIssue DateStatus
IECQ-L 2020.002 Issue 1IECQ-L CEP 20.0002 Issue 12020-09-07Current
IECQ-L2017.013 Issue 3IECQ-L CEP 17.0001 Issue 32020-06-26Current
IECQ-L 2020.001 Issue 1IECQ-L CEP 20.0001 Issue 12020-05-27Current
0044/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 20.0005 Issue 1WUHAN YANGTZE COMPUT... (China)2020-10-09Current
0028/PE Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 19.0006 Issue 2TRULY OPTO-ELECTRONI... (China)2020-08-05Current
0010/PE Issue 5IECQ-P CEP 17.0002 Issue 5TRULY SEMICONDUCTORS... (China)2020-08-05Current
0043/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 20.0004 Issue 1DONGGUAN AIDEN ELECT... (China)2020-07-28Current
0042/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 20.0003 Issue 1HUANGHE SCIENCE AND ... (China)2020-07-07Current
0042/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 20.0003-01 Issue 1HUANGHE SCIENCE AND ... (China)2020-07-07Current
0011/PE Issue 3IECQ-P CEP 17.0003 Issue 3ZHUHAI MEILEE TECHNO... (China)2020-06-28Current
0027/PE Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 19.0005 Issue 2MIYABI OPTRONICS TEC... (China)2020-06-12Current
0313/M Issue 3IECQ-P CEP 18.0006 Issue 3CHINA ZHENHUA (GROUP... (China)2020-06-10Current
0324/M Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 18.0004 Issue 2NEW TECH ELECTRONIC ... (China)2020-06-05Current
0041/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 20.0002 Issue 1SHENZHEN CHUANGWEI-R... (China)2020-05-13Current
0009/PE Issue 3IECQ-P CEP 17.0001 Issue 3INSPUR ELECTRONIC IN... (China)2020-02-17Current
0023/PE Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 19.0001 Issue 2SHENZHEN HYTERA COMM... (China)2020-01-15Current
0040/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 20.0001 Issue 1DYNAMIC SOURCES TECH... (China)2019-12-31Current
0039/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0017 Issue 1MITAC COMPUTER (KUNS... (China)2019-12-23Current
0038/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0016 Issue 1SUNTRONT TECHNOLOGY ... (China)2019-12-16Current
0037/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0015 Issue 1CHONGQING COE DISPLA... (China)2019-12-02Current
0036/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0014 Issue 1WEIHAI SUNGHO ELECTR... (China)2019-11-27Current
0035/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0013 Issue 1YANGTZE MEMORY TECHN... (China)2019-11-22Current
0012/PE Issue 3IECQ-P CEP 17.0004 Issue 3CHONGQING LIHUA TECH... (China)2019-11-18Current
0034/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0012 Issue 1SICHUAN CHANGHONG PR... (China)2019-10-10Current
0034/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0012-01 Issue 1SICHUAN CHANGHONG PR... (China)2019-10-10Current
0034/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0012-02 Issue 1SICHUAN CHANGHONG PR... (China)2019-10-10Current
0020/PE Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 18.0010 Issue 2DELTA ELECTRONICS (D... (China)2019-08-13Current
0032/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0010 Issue 1TECH-COM (SHANGHAI) ... (China)2019-08-07Current
0031/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0009 Issue 1GETAC TECHNOLOGY (KU... (China)2019-08-05Current
0080/M Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 18.0001 Issue 2CHENGDU TIEDA ELECTR... (China)2019-07-09Current
0030/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0008 Issue 1NUOZHENG ELECTRONICS... (China)2019-07-08Current
0029/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0007 Issue 1SHENZHEN TOUCHWORKS ... (China)2019-06-13Current
0026/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0004 Issue 1CHENGDU TSUHAN SCIEN... (China)2019-03-04Current
0025/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 19.0003 Issue 1QINGDAO WOERXIN ELEC... (China)2019-02-19Current
0022/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 18.0013 Issue 1DONGGUAN SINTAVE COM... (China)2018-12-27Current
0022/PE-1 Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 18.0013-01 Issue 1DONGGUAN MINGJIN ELE... (China)2018-12-27Current
0006/M Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 18.0011 Issue 1SICHUAN YONGXING ELE... (China)2018-11-16Current
0327/M Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 17.0005 Issue 2SANMENXIA INSTRUMENT... (China)2018-09-20Current
0019/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 18.0009 Issue 1DELTA NETWORKS (DONG... (China)2018-09-14Current
0004/PE Issue 3IECQ-P CEP 15.0002 Issue 3MOTOROLA (WUHAN) MOB... (China)2018-08-29Current
0018/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 18.0008 Issue 1DELTA ELECTRONICS PO... (China)2018-08-15Current
0017/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 18.0007 Issue 1WUXI TONGZHI MICROEL... (China)2018-07-30Current
0003/PE Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 15.0001 Issue 2QINGDAO SANHUA HUIHA... (China)2018-07-09Current
0249/M Issue 2IECQ-P CEP 18.0003 Issue 2CHENGDU XUGUANG ELEC... (China)2018-05-21Current
0246/M Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 18.0005 Issue 1DONGGUAN WIN SHINE E... (China)2018-04-02Current
0016/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 18.0002 Issue 1HENGDIAN GROUP DMEGC... (China)2018-03-12Current
0015/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 17.0008 Issue 1TECH-FRONT (SHANGHAI... (China)2017-11-30Current
0014/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 17.0007 Issue 1WUXI SHARP ELECTRONI... (China)2017-11-22Current
0013/PE Issue 1IECQ-P CEP 17.0006 Issue 1WEIHAI DONGXING ELEC... (China)2017-11-06Current
0027/P-2002R Issue 1IECQ-C CEP 14.0001 Issue 1SICHUAN YONGXING ELE... (China)2012-10-16Current

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