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ManufacturerCB Certificate No.IECQ Certificate No.CB/NAIIssue DateStatus
Hide details for A P E M [France]A P E M [France]
008-95M-IECQ LCIE 05.0005LCIE (France)2005/02/06Cancelled
Hide details for AB Connectors Limited [United Kingdom]AB Connectors Limited [United Kingdom]
M1070 IECQM-IECQ BSI 05.0011BSI (United Kingdom)2012/08/01Cancelled
E1275/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0098BSI (United Kingdom)2005/12/15Cancelled
E1212/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0061BSI (United Kingdom)2005/04/14Cancelled
Hide details for ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp [Taiwan]ABC Taiwan Electronics Corp [Taiwan]
50600560 ITLIECQ-L ULTW 24.0001ULTW (TAIWAN )2024/01/08Current
Hide details for Abtest Limited [United Kingdom]Abtest Limited [United Kingdom]
T3000 IECQIECQ-L BSI 11.0001BSI (United Kingdom)2013/12/31Cancelled
Hide details for Acal BFi UK Limited [United Kingdom]Acal BFi UK Limited [United Kingdom]
E002/PAP-IECQ BSI 05.0002Attachment IconBSI (United Kingdom)2010/11/25Cancelled
Hide details for ADDA Corporation [Taiwan]ADDA Corporation [Taiwan]
T1002M-IECQ ECB 04.0003ECB (United States of America)2000/02/23Cancelled
Hide details for Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Co, Lt... [Taiwan]Advanced Lithium Electrochemistry Co, Lt... [Taiwan]
50600020 ITLIECQ-L ULTW 14.0001ULTW (TAIWAN )2022/12/26Current
Hide details for Advanced Optoelectronic Technology Inc [Taiwan]Advanced Optoelectronic Technology Inc [Taiwan]
20005894 ITLIECQ-L ULTW 20.0003ULTW (TAIWAN )2024/01/22Current
Hide details for Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc ... [Taiwan]Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc ... [Taiwan]
20004520 ITLIECQ-L ULTW 09.0027ULTW (TAIWAN )2023/09/21Current
Hide details for Advances Semiconductor Engineering, Inc ... [Taiwan]Advances Semiconductor Engineering, Inc ... [Taiwan]
20006742 ITLIECQ-L ULTW 12.0002ULTW (TAIWAN )2023/07/22Current
Hide details for Amphenol Limited [United Kingdom]Amphenol Limited [United Kingdom]
T3001 IECQIECQ-L BSI 11.0002BSI (UNITED KINGDOM)2012/11/01Cancelled
M1004 IECQM-IECQ BSI 04.0007BSI (United Kingdom)2012/05/01Cancelled
E1241/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0094BSI (United Kingdom)2011/05/26Cancelled
E1240/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0065BSI (United Kingdom)2005/02/14Cancelled
E1204/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0068BSI (United Kingdom)2012/03/09Cancelled
1747/F Issue 6Q-IECQ BSI 12.0001BSI (UNITED KINGDOM)2012/03/09Cancelled
RCJ-95M-14M-IECQ RCJ 04.0001RCJ (JAPAN)2010/07/12Cancelled
0015/MM-IECQ CEP 06.0018CEP (China)2005/12/14Cancelled
0015/MM-IECQ CEP 08.0005CEP (CHINA)2011/12/09Cancelled
Hide details for APEM [France]APEM [France]
95-040Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0006LCIE (France)2002/03/02Cancelled
95-040Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0114LCIE (France)2011/03/02Cancelled
95-039Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0005LCIE (France)2002/03/02Cancelled
95-039Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0115LCIE (France)2011/03/02Cancelled
95-038Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0004LCIE (France)2002/03/02Cancelled
95-038Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0112LCIE (France)2011/03/02Cancelled
95-037Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0003LCIE (France)2002/03/02Cancelled
95-037Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0111LCIE (France)2011/03/02Cancelled
95-036Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0002LCIE (France)2002/03/02Cancelled
95-036Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0110LCIE (France)2011/03/02Cancelled
95-035Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0001LCIE (France)2002/03/02Cancelled
95-035Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0109LCIE (France)2011/03/02Cancelled
008-95M-IECQ LCIE 07.0024LCIE (France)2007/03/14Cancelled
008-95M-IECQ LCIE 05.0001LCIE (France)2002/02/07Cancelled
008-95M-IECQ LCIE 08.0001LCIE (France)2011/02/04Cancelled
Hide details for API Microelectronics Limited [United Kingdom]API Microelectronics Limited [United Kingdom]
T3006 IECQIECQ-L BSI 09.0001BSI (UNITED KINGDOM)2021/04/12Cancelled
Hide details for Arcotronics Limited [United Kingdom]Arcotronics Limited [United Kingdom]
M1057 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0022BSI (United Kingdom)2003/12/15Cancelled
IN/0014/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0089BSI (United Kingdom)2005/05/31Cancelled
E1155/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0088BSI (United Kingdom)2005/05/31Cancelled
E1060/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0087BSI (United Kingdom)2005/05/31Cancelled
E0706/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0084BSI (United Kingdom)2005/05/31Cancelled
E0466/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0086BSI (United Kingdom)2005/05/31Cancelled
E0245/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0085BSI (United Kingdom)2005/05/31Cancelled
D2011 IECQ-CECCD-IECQ BSI 05.0012BSI (United Kingdom)2006/01/16Cancelled
Hide details for Ardentec Corporation [Taiwan]Ardentec Corporation [Taiwan]
20000171 ITLIECQ-L ULTW 14.0003ULTW (TAIWAN )2023/12/12Current
Hide details for Aristotle Enterprises Inc [Taiwan]Aristotle Enterprises Inc [Taiwan]
T1004IECQ-M ULTW 08.0003ULTW (United States of America)2000/10/10Cancelled
Hide details for Artetch Circuits Limited [United Kingdom]Artetch Circuits Limited [United Kingdom]
M1002 IECQM-IECQ BSI 04.0005BSI (United Kingdom)2010/03/19Cancelled
E082/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0001BSI (United Kingdom)2004/12/07Cancelled
Hide details for Astra Circuits Limited [United Kingdom]Astra Circuits Limited [United Kingdom]
M1003 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0006BSI (United Kingdom)2004/12/15Cancelled
Hide details for AT4 WIRELESS [Spain]AT4 WIRELESS [Spain]
01-L-96 Is. 12IECQ-L LCIE 09.0003LCIE (France)2011/10/01Cancelled
01-L-96L-IECQ LCIE 07.0001LCIE (France)2008/06/02Cancelled
01-L-96L-IECQ LCIE 07.0001LCIE (France)2007/06/11Cancelled
Hide details for ATMEL ROUSSET [France]ATMEL ROUSSET [France]
001-99M-IECQ LCIE 05.0019LCIE (France)2003/02/13Cancelled
001-99M-IECQ LCIE 06.0003LCIE (France)2006/04/24Cancelled
001-99M-IECQ LCIE 06.0001LCIE (France)2006/02/13Cancelled
Hide details for Atotech Taiwan Limited, Advanced Technol... [Taiwan]Atotech Taiwan Limited, Advanced Technol... [Taiwan]
1.72.0119/AIECQ-L NSAIUS 09.0002-01NSAIUS ()2014/10/16Cancelled
1.72.0088/AIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0005-02NSAIUS ()2015/02/08Cancelled
1.72.0088IECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0005NSAIUS ()2014/10/16Cancelled
1.72.0088IECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0005NSAIUS ()2015/02/08Cancelled
Hide details for Atotech Taiwan Limited, Chemical Analysi... [Taiwan]Atotech Taiwan Limited, Chemical Analysi... [Taiwan]
1.72.0119IECQ-L NSAIUS 09.0002NSAIUS (UNITED STATES)2013/12/24Cancelled
Hide details for ATP Electronics Taiwan Inc Reliability T... [Taiwan]ATP Electronics Taiwan Inc Reliability T... [Taiwan]
50600264 ITLIECQ-L ULTW 19.0009ULTW (TAIWAN )2022/12/18Current
Hide details for AU Optronics Corp [Taiwan]AU Optronics Corp [Taiwan]
T1136-1IECQ-L ULTW 10.0001ULTW (TAIWAN )2011/11/07Cancelled
T1136IECQ-L ULTW 08.0002ULTW (TAIWAN )2011/11/07Cancelled
Hide details for austriamicrosystems AG [Austria]austriamicrosystems AG [Austria]
F 105 IECQM-IECQ OVE 04.0006OVE (Austria)2008/12/02Cancelled
Hide details for Avnet EMG [United Kingdom]Avnet EMG [United Kingdom]
D2001 IECQD-IECQ BSI 05.0002BSI (United Kingdom)2009/08/21Cancelled
Hide details for AVX Czech Republic SRO [Czech Republic]AVX Czech Republic SRO [Czech Republic]
IN0015/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0058BSI (United Kingdom)2009/07/16Cancelled
Hide details for AVX Limited, Coleraine [United Kingdom]AVX Limited, Coleraine [United Kingdom]
E0523/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0076BSI (United Kingdom)2004/07/08Cancelled
E0521/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0078BSI (United Kingdom)2004/07/08Cancelled
Hide details for AVX Limited, Tantalum Division [United Kingdom]AVX Limited, Tantalum Division [United Kingdom]
IN0012/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0059BSI (United Kingdom)2004/07/22Cancelled
IN0001/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0060BSI (United Kingdom)2004/07/22Cancelled
E1245/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0054BSI (United Kingdom)2004/08/01Cancelled
E0964/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0053BSI (United Kingdom)2004/07/08Cancelled
E0520/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0056BSI (United Kingdom)2004/07/08Cancelled
E0031/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0057BSI (United Kingdom)2004/07/08Cancelled
Hide details for AZEGO AG [Germany]AZEGO AG [Germany]
5005724/D/IECQ/DED-IECQ VDE 06.0001VDE (Germany)2006/10/31Cancelled
Hide details for AZEGO Components AG [Germany]AZEGO Components AG [Germany]
5009688/D/IECQ/DED-IECQ VDE 09.0001VDE (GERMANY)2011/01/26Cancelled
Hide details for AZNIUM [France]AZNIUM [France]
001-07M-IECQ LCIE 07.0007LCIE (France)2007/02/08Cancelled

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