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IEC System for Quality Assessment for Electronic Component (IECQ System)
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CB Certificate No.CB/NAIManufacturer NameManufact. LocationIECQ Certificate No.Status
US-ECMP-1002-01 Issue 2DNVUSHoneywell Aerospace RedmondUnited States of AmericaUS-ECMP-1002-01 Issue 2Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-02 Issue 2DNVUSHoneywell Aerospace Urbana, OHUnited States of AmericaUS-ECMP-1002-02 Issue 2Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-03 Issue 2DNVUSHoneywell Aerospace Coon Rapid...United States of AmericaUS-ECMP-1002-03 Issue 2Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-04 Issue 2DNVUSHoneywell Aerospace TorontoCanadaUS-ECMP-1002-04 Issue 2Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-05 Issue 2DNVUSHoneywell Aerospace OlatheUnited States of AmericaUS-ECMP-1002-05 Issue 2Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-06 Issue 2DNVUSHoneywell Aerospace TucsonUnited States of AmericaUS-ECMP-1002-06 Issue 2Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-07 Issue 2DNVUSHoneywell Aerospace TorranceUnited States of AmericaUS-ECMP-1002-07 Issue 2Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002 Issue 2DNVUSHoneywell Aerospace Deer Valle...United States of AmericaUS-ECMP-1002 Issue 2Cancelled
A5001 IECQ Issue 9BSIGE Aviation Systems LtdUnited KingdomA5001 IECQ Issue 9Superseded
A637583 IECQ Issue 1BSIGoodrich Lighting Systems GmbH...GermanyA637583 IECQ Issue 1Superseded
A5000 IECQ Issue 8BSIRolls-Royce Controls and Data ...United KingdomA5000 IECQ Issue 8Superseded
A637582 IECQ Issue 1BSIHS Elektronik Systeme GmbH/UTC...GermanyA637582 IECQ Issue 1Superseded
A637581 IECQ Issue 1BSINord-Micro GmbH & Co. OHGGermanyA637581 IECQ Issue 1Superseded

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