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US1003A-IECQ ECCB 06.0001 Issue 0Honeywell Aerospace (United States of America)2006-05-18Cancelled
MX-HSPM-1003IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0018 Issue 7PEGATRON MEXICO S.A.... (Mexico)2015/10/28Cancelled
HK-HSPM-1013IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0023 Issue 4Welfare Printed Circ... (Hong Kong)2014/12/18Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-2013IECQ-H DNVUS 12.0008 Issue 2Shenzhen Laibao Hi-T... (China)2014/07/11Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-2013-1IECQ-H DNVUS 12.0008-01 Issue 2Shenzhen Laibao High... (China)2014/07/11Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1358IECQ-H DNVUS 14.0010 Issue 1Singatron Enterprise... (Taiwan)2014/06/09Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1969-1IECQ-H DNVUS 14.0009-01 Issue 1Cal-Comp Electronics... (China)2014/06/05Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1392-4IECQ-H DNVUS 11.0009-04 Issue 2MULTEK TECHNOLOGY (Z... (China)2014/06/02Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-2162IECQ-H DNVUS 14.0007 Issue 1Welfare (Kaiping) El... (China)2014/03/21Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1852-1IECQ-H DNVUS 11.0005-01 Issue 1ICMI China Limited N... (China)2014/03/03Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1336IECQ-H DNVUS 14.0005 Issue 1HEISEI Technology Co... (Taiwan)2014/02/26Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-2157IECQ-H DNVUS 14.0004 Issue 1Shandong Sinochip Se... (China)2014/02/19Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1025-2IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0042-02 Issue 5CASETEK Computer (Su... (China)2014/01/09Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1394-1IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0048-01 Issue 4Unihan Corporation (Taiwan)2014/01/09Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1394-2IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0048-02 Issue 5Unihan Corporation (Taiwan)2014/01/09Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1079IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0003 Issue 3Qingdao Haier Refrig... (China)2013/11/22Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1075IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0049 Issue 3Shenzhen Jentek Elec... (China)2013/11/20Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1438IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0035 Issue 2Optical Films SBU, F... (Taiwan)2013/10/31Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1526-11IECQ-H DNVUS 13.0005-11 Issue 1Innolux Corporation,... (China)2013/10/01Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-2124IECQ-H DNVUS 13.0004 Issue 1Lite-On IT Opto Tech... (China)2013/09/24Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1493IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0006 Issue 4Yieh Phui (China) Te... (China)2013/09/23Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1209IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0020 Issue 2Yan Tong Infotech (D... (China)2013/04/30Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1081IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0005 Issue 2Qingdao Jiaonan Haie... (China)2012/11/02Cancelled
CZR-HSPM-1001IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0019 Issue 6PEGATRON Czech s.r.o... (Czech Republic)2012/10/26Cancelled
KR-HSPM-1010IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0050 Issue 3Samsung Electronics (Korea, Republic of)2012/10/11Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1387-1IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0039-01 Issue 2MAG.LAYERS INTERNATI... (China)2012/10/04Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1998IECQ-H DNVUS 12.0005 Issue 2UTAC Chengdu Ltd. (China)2012/10/04Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1021IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0037 Issue 2Jenn Feng Electric I... (Taiwan)2012/09/20Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1387IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0039 Issue 2MAG.LAYERS Scientifi... (Taiwan)2012/08/29Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1731IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0013 Issue 2Hang Cheung Coatings... (China)2012/03/12Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1531IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0020 Issue 2Mianyang Weibo Elect... (China)2012/03/09Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1008IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0029 Issue 2Mintron Enterprise C... (Taiwan)2012/03/08Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1478IECQ-H DNVUS 12.0001 Issue 1Best Friend Technolo... (Taiwan)2012/02/01Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1969-2IECQ-H DNVUS 12.0003-02 Issue 1Cal-Comp Electronics... (China)2012/01/17Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1505-1IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0011-01 Issue 2Dongguan Hang Cheung... (China)2011/11/16Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1468-1IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0002-01 Issue 2SHENZHEN SI SEMICOND... (China)2011/09/02Cancelled
HK-HSPM-1021IECQ-H DNVUS 11.0008 Issue 1Nikko Metals Hong Ko... (Hong Kong)2011/05/31Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1076-4IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0018-04 Issue 1Everlight (Suzhou) A... (China)2011/05/27Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1394-4IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0048-04 Issue 3Runtop (Shanghai) Co... (China)2011/04/13Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1354IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0019 Issue 2SUZHOU SUYIN IMAGE T... (China)2011/02/28Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1838-1IECQ-H DNVUS 11.0002-01 Issue 1Dongguan Yihua Elect... (China)2011/02/15Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1344IECQ-H DNVUS 11.0001 Issue 1TEAN ELECTRONIC (DAY... (China)2011/02/11Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1805IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0030 Issue 2OSM Manufacturing (D... (China)2011/01/24Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1021IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0047 Issue 2Shenzhen Gospell Sma... (China)2010/12/01Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1021-1IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0047-01 Issue 2Shenzhen Gospell Sma... (China)2010/12/01Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1784IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0028 Issue 1Shenzhen Lian-mao Pl... (China)2010/09/28Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1263IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0027 Issue 1Wha-Yueb Technology ... (Taiwan)2010/09/09Cancelled
SG-HSPM-1002-2IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0025-02 Issue 1WD Media (Singapore)... (Singapore)2010/08/04Cancelled
SG-HSPM-1002-1IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0025-01 Issue 1WD Media (Singapore)... (Singapore)2010/08/04Cancelled
SG-HSPM-1002IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0025 Issue 1WD Media (Singapore)... (Singapore)2010/08/04Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1233IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0035 Issue 2Shenzhen GAEA Electr... (China)2010/07/12Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1759IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0023 Issue 1Guangzhou Chily Elec... (China)2010/07/02Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1416IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0022 Issue 1Chily Precision Indu... (Taiwan)2010/07/02Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1076IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0018 Issue 1EVERLIGHT CHEMICAL I... (Taiwan)2010/03/29Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1076-3IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0018-03 Issue 1EVERLIGHT CHEMICAL I... (Taiwan)2010/03/29Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1085IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0017 Issue 1Trend Tone Imaging, ... (Taiwan)2010/03/29Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1076-1IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0018-01 Issue 1EVERLIGHT CHEMICAL I... (Taiwan)2010/03/29Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1076-2IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0018-02 Issue 1EVERLIGHT CHEMICAL I... (Taiwan)2010/03/29Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1085-1IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0017-01 Issue 1Trend Tone Imaging, ... (Taiwan)2010/03/29Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1374IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0030 Issue 2OMG (Asia) Electroni... (Taiwan)2010/02/01Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1068IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0010 Issue 1ZyXEL Communications... (Taiwan)2010/01/31Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1068-1IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0010-01 Issue 1ZyXEL Communications... (China)2010/01/31Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1053IECQ-H DNVUS 10.0009 Issue 1Shuoying Industrial ... (China)2010/01/29Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1050-1IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0012-01 Issue 2Huizhou Blueway Elec... (China)2010/01/28Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1488IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0001 Issue 3Symbio (Tianjin), IN... (China)2010/01/27Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1674IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0036 Issue 1Shenzhen TJX Print I... (China)2009/10/28Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1022IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0033 Issue 1AUTOLAND SCIENTECH C... (Taiwan)2009/09/14Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1643IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0028 Issue 1Nippon Mining & Meta... (China)2009/07/21Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1602IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0025 Issue 1Hiboard Electronic (... (China)2009/04/27Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1588IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0023 Issue 1Sichuan Aihua Electr... (China)2009/03/24Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1339IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0021 Issue 1Amazing Microelectro... (Taiwan)2009/03/16Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1339-1IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0021-01 Issue 1Amazing Microelectro... (Taiwan)2009/03/16Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1549IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0010 Issue 1Ningbo Chi Hsin Elec... (China)2008/12/28Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1514-3IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0014-03 Issue 1Lite-On Information ... (Taiwan)2008/12/20Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1514-4IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0014-04 Issue 1Philips & Lite-On Di... (Taiwan)2008/12/20Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1314IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0015 Issue 1Chi Hsin Electronics... (Taiwan)2008/11/26Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1514IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0014 Issue 1Liteon Opto Technolo... (China)2008/11/25Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1514-2IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0014-02 Issue 1Philips & Lite-On Di... (Taiwan)2008/11/25Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1514-1IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0014-01 Issue 1Lite-On Information ... (Taiwan)2008/11/25Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1511IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0013 Issue 1Lerado Group (China)2008/11/18Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1001IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0025 Issue 2SOLNET METAL INDUSTR... (Taiwan)2008/09/21Cancelled
HK-HSPM-1011IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0004 Issue 1GARFORD MANUFACTURIN... (Hong Kong)2008/08/28Cancelled
HK-HSPM-1011-1IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0004-01 Issue 1HOI MING PLASTIC PRO... (China)2008/08/28Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1285-3IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0003-03 Issue 1LIAN ZHENG ELECTRONI... (China)2008/08/27Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1285-2IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0003-02 Issue 1PHOENIXTEC ELECTRONI... (China)2008/08/27Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1285-1IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0003-01 Issue 1PHOENIXTEC POWER CO.... (Taiwan)2008/08/27Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1285IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0003 Issue 1PHOENIXTEC POWER CO.... (Taiwan)2008/08/27Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1267HC-IECQ ECCB 08.0208 Issue 1LUNG WEI ELECTRONICS (Taiwan)2008/04/25Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1266HC-IECQ ECCB 08.0241 Issue 1CHUAN-CHEN CO., LTD. (Taiwan)2008/04/16Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1009-1IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0022-01 Issue 1Symbio (Xiamen), Inc... (China)2008/04/09Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1365HC-IECQ ECCB 08.0157 Issue 1CHONGQING XINGYONG E... (China)2008/03/08Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1256HC-IECQ ECCB 08.0145 Issue 1TREND MULTITECH FACT... (Taiwan)2008/03/08Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1357HC-IECQ ECCB 08.0156 Issue 1SHENZHEN FRD SCIENCE... (China)2008/03/05Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1341HC-IECQ ECCB 08.0084 Issue 1SUZHOU WELLFORCE ELE... (China)2008/02/03Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1317IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0012 Issue 1Huntkey Electronic T... (China)2008/01/12Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1314HC-IECQ ECCB 08.0024 Issue 1CHONGQING CHANGZHI A... (China)2008/01/03Cancelled
7300810001LA-DNVUS-080729.0001(Peng, Shih Mien)2008-09-25 20:27:47
PRC-HSPM-1118-1IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0017-01 Issue 1North Tec Asia (Shan... (China)2007/11/24Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1218HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0542 Issue 1LEAD DATA INC. (Taiwan)2007/11/19Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1227HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0442 Issue 1SHENZHEN JMT GLASS C... (China)2007/10/01Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1222HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0441 Issue 1POLYMERCOMP (HUIYANG... (China)2007/09/28Cancelled
HK-HSPM-1009-1HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0423 Issue 1PHOENIX OPTOELECTRON... (Hong Kong)2007/09/08Cancelled
HK-HSPM-1009-3HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0425 Issue 1DONGGUAN PHOENIX ELE... (China)2007/09/08Cancelled
HK-HSPM-1009-2HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0424 Issue 1PHOENIX ELECTRONICS ... (China)2007/09/08Cancelled
HK-HSPM-1009HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0422 Issue 1PHOENIX ELECTRONICS ... (Hong Kong)2007/09/08Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1162HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0369 Issue 1SHENZHEN FLEXMETAL I... (China)2007/07/03Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1150HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0351 Issue 1DONGGUAN DA ZHONG EL... (China)2007/06/08Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1146HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0321 Issue 1TAIN RUBBER & PLASTI... (China)2007/06/06Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1135-1HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0306 Issue 1DIN WAI ELECTRONICS ... (China)2007/05/09Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1135HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0305 Issue 1NGAI LIK ELECTRONICS... (Hong Kong)2007/05/09Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1176HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0350 Issue 1ANHUI JINGRUI PLASTI... (China)2007/04/19Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1112HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0243 Issue 1PIXELTECH INTERNATIO... (China)2007/03/28Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1105IECQ-H DNVUS 08.0010 Issue 1TRANSTEL COMMUNICATI... (China)2007/03/16Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1090HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0198 Issue 1SHENZHEN TOPBAND ELE... (China)2007/02/19Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1090-1HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0199 Issue 1SHENZHEN TOPBAND ELE... (China)2007/02/19Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1081-1HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0031 Issue 1QINGDAO JIAONAN HAIE... (China)2007/02/05Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1076HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0197 Issue 1NANJING SUSPA HIGH-T... (China)2007/02/02Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1045HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0153 Issue 1UNILIGHT INDUSTRY CO... (Taiwan)2007/01/26Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1035HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0177 Issue 1PRINT COM TECHNOLOGY... (Taiwan)2007/01/08Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1045HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0142 Issue 2QINGDAO HAIMING REFR... (China)2006/12/21Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1021-1HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0104 Issue 2GOSPELL SMARTHOME EL... (China)2006/11/20Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1006HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0056 Issue 1AMPAK TECHNOLOGY, IN... (Taiwan)2006/04/12Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1005IECQ-H DNVUS 09.0011 Issue 1DOTOP TECHNOLOGY, IN... (Taiwan)2006/03/10Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002IECQ-E DNVUS 14.0001 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-01IECQ-E DNVUS 14.0001-01 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-02IECQ-E DNVUS 14.0001-02 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-03IECQ-E DNVUS 14.0001-03 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-04IECQ-E DNVUS 14.0001-04 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-05IECQ-E DNVUS 14.0001-05 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-06IECQ-E DNVUS 14.0001-06 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1002-07IECQ-E DNVUS 14.0001-07 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1014IECQ-E DNVUS 15.0002 Issue 3-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1014-1IECQ-E DNVUS 15.0002-01 Issue 3-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1013IECQ-E DNVUS 13.0004 Issue 3-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1013-1IECQ-E DNVUS 13.0004-01 Issue 2-Cancelled
US-ECMP-1003IECQ-E DNVUS 15.0001 Issue 4-Cancelled
82145IECQ-E DNVUS 22.0001 Issue 1-Cancelled
US1010IECQ-E DNVUS 10.0006 Issue 6-Cancelled
USA-CAP-0001IECQ-P DNVUS 13.0001 Issue 1Secure Components, L... (United States of America)2013-07-05Cancelled
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