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IEC System for Quality Assessment for Electronic Component (IECQ System)
CB Certificate No.IECQ Certificate No.Company NameIssue DateStatus
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1.72.0124IECQ-L NSAIUS 16.0001 Issue 12016-06-02Cancelled
1.72.0040IECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0003 Issue 52015-09-25Cancelled
1.72.0031/BIECQ-L NSAIUS 09.0005 Issue 62015-09-17Cancelled
1.72.0107IECQ-L NSAIUS 10.0001 Issue 32015-08-11Cancelled
1.72.0104IECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0001 Issue 62015-08-03Cancelled
1.72.0104/AIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0001-01 Issue 12015-08-03Cancelled
1.72.0131IECQ-L NSAIUS 12.0001 Issue 32015-06-26Cancelled
1234567IECQ-L NSAIUS 15.0001 Issue 12015-05-07Cancelled
1.72.0103IECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0004 Issue 62015-04-07Cancelled
1.72.0088IECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0005 Issue 42015-02-08Cancelled
1.72.0088/AIECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0005-02 Issue 22015-02-08Cancelled
1.72.0124/AIECQ-L NSAIUS 11.0002 Issue 42014-11-27Cancelled
1.72.0119/AIECQ-L NSAIUS 09.0002-01 Issue 12014-10-16Cancelled
1.72.0088IECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0005 Issue 32014-10-16Cancelled
1.72.0119IECQ-L NSAIUS 09.0002 Issue 52013-12-24Cancelled
1.72.0035IECQ-L NSAIUS 09.0003 Issue 42013-10-18Cancelled
TW-HSPM-ITL-1001IECQ-L NSAIUS 09.0001 Issue 32012-01-19Cancelled
T1137IECQ-L NSAIUS 08.0007 Issue 32011-06-22Cancelled
US1004-3A-IECQ ECCB 06.0004 Issue 0BAE Systems Platform... (United States of America)2006-06-15Cancelled
T1126L-IECQ ECCB 07.0001 Issue 0Cada Industrial Co. ... (Taiwan)2007-05-31Cancelled
T1122M-IECQ ECCB 06.0003 Issue 1Yealy Optic Electron... (Taiwan)2006-04-10Cancelled
T1122-1M-IECQ ECCB 06.0004 Issue 1Yealy Optic Electron... (Taiwan)2006-04-10Cancelled
T1119M-IECQ ECCB 06.0002 Issue 0Discovery High Techn... (Taiwan)2006-02-08Cancelled
T1118M-IECQ ECCB 06.0001 Issue 0CKT Rubber Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)2006-02-08Cancelled
T1118M-IECQ ECCB 06.0001 Issue 2CKT Rubber Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)2006-02-08Cancelled
T1031M-IECQ ECB 04.0031 Issue 0Jenn Feng Electric I... (Taiwan)2000-03-31Cancelled
1.78.0111IECQ-H NSAIUS 09.0002 Issue 5Syscom Tech (United States of America)2015/09/21Cancelled
1.78.0124IECQ-H NSAIUS 08.0008 Issue 5Cuprime Material Co.... (Taiwan)2014/12/19Cancelled
1.78.0128IECQ-H NSAIUS 15.0001 Issue 1Cugreen Metal Tech. ... (Taiwan)2014/12/16Cancelled
1.78.0121IECQ-H NSAIUS 08.0002 Issue 3OCEAN SPRINGS METAL ... (China)2014/07/15Cancelled
1.78.0126IECQ-H NSAIUS 10.0002 Issue 3Sigurd Microelectron... (Taiwan)2013/11/18Cancelled
1.78.0127IECQ-H NSAIUS 13.0002 Issue 1ARTESYN TECHNOLOGIES... (Hong Kong)2013/06/11Cancelled
1.78.0127/AIECQ-H NSAIUS 13.0003 Issue 1ARTESYN TECHNOLOGIES... (China)2013/06/11Cancelled
1.78.0127IECQ-H NSAIUS 13.0001 Issue 1ARTESYN TECHNOLOGIES... (Hong Kong)2013/06/11Cancelled
1.78.0127/AIECQ-H NSAIUS 13.0001-01 Issue 1ARTESYN TECHNOLOGIES... (China)2013/06/11Cancelled
1.78.0125IECQ-H NSAIUS 10.0001 Issue 2DONGGUAN MEADVILLE C... (China)2013/02/08Cancelled
1.78.0110IECQ-H NSAIUS 09.0003 Issue 6B3CG Interconnect (Canada)2013/01/01Cancelled
1.78.0116IECQ-H NSAIUS 09.0006 Issue 3WKK Technology Limit... (China)2012/04/02Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1305IECQ-H NSAIUS 08.0004 Issue 2Taiwan Powder Techno... (Taiwan)2011/08/30Cancelled
US-HSPM-1005IECQ-H NSAIUS 09.0004 Issue 2Pillar Data Systems (United States of America)2010/10/18Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1017IECQ-H NSAIUS 09.0001 Issue 2International Semico... (Taiwan)2009/06/15Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1017-1IECQ-H NSAIUS 09.0001-01 Issue 2International Semico... (Taiwan)2009/06/15Cancelled
TW-HSPM-1317IECQ-H NSAIUS 08.0005 Issue 1Microview Technology... (Taiwan)2008/11/26Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1342IECQ-H NSAIUS 09.0005 Issue 1Lian-Yi Precision (Z... (China)2008/02/12Cancelled
PRC-HSPM-1158IECQ-H NSAIUS 09.0003 Issue 1Dongguan City Jinzho... (China)2007/06/20Cancelled
US-HSPM-1004HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0035 Issue 1WAFERTECH (United States of America)2006/11/09Cancelled
CD-HSPM-1001IECQ-H NSAIUS 08.0006 Issue 1Triton Electronik Qu... (Canada)2006/07/12Cancelled
US-HSPM-1002IECQ-H NSAIUS 08.0007 Issue 1SWEMCO (SW ELECTRONI... (United States of America)2006/04/26Cancelled
US-HSPM-1001HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0040 Issue 2SIGMATEL, INC. (United States of America)2005/10/04Cancelled
US1005IECQ-E NSAIUS 10.0001 Issue 4-Cancelled
1.71.0108IECQ-P NSAIUS 11.0001 Issue 3Neo-Shiny Industrial... (Taiwan)2014-04-08Cancelled
1.71.0110IECQ-P NSAIUS 11.0003 Issue 2Yealy Optic Electron... (Taiwan)2013-01-19Cancelled
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