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IEC System for Quality Assessment for Electronic Component (IECQ System)
CB Certificate No.IECQ Certificate No.Company NameIssue DateStatus
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T3006 IECQIECQ-L BSI 09.0001 Issue 112020-11-25Current
T3003 IECQIECQ-L BSI 09.0003 Issue 72020-01-14Current
T598257 IECQIECQ-L BSI 13.0001 Issue 32019-10-23Current
T3002 IECQIECQ-L BSI 11.0003 Issue 82019-05-24Current
T3000 IECQIECQ-L BSI 11.0001 Issue 72013-12-31Cancelled
T3001 IECQIECQ-L BSI 11.0002 Issue 82012-11-01Cancelled
E063/CAAttachment IconC-IECQ BSI 05.0015 Issue 7eXception PCB Limite... (United Kingdom)2013-01-01Cancelled
E092/CA Issue 1Attachment IconC-IECQ BSI 11.0001 Issue 1Merlin Artetch Limit... (United Kingdom)2011-03-28Cancelled
E025/CAAttachment IconC-IECQ BSI 05.0023 Issue 9Kelan Circuits Limit... (United Kingdom)2009-06-01Cancelled
E089/CAC-IECQ BSI 08.0001 Issue 1Glenair UK Limited (United Kingdom)2008-09-08Cancelled
E083/CAC-IECQ BSI 06.0006 Issue 7Teknoflex Limited (United Kingdom)2008-08-13Cancelled
024/QCAC-IECQ BSI 05.0012 Issue 3Leicester Circuits (... (United Kingdom)2007-05-30Cancelled
019/QCAC-IECQ BSI 05.0004 Issue 5Circast Electronics ... (United Kingdom)2007-05-10Cancelled
E071/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0021 Issue 4Lyncolec Limited (United Kingdom)2007-05-03Cancelled
E011/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0011 Issue 10Invotec Circuits Bla... (United Kingdom)2007-03-02Cancelled
012/QCAC-IECQ BSI 05.0014 Issue 4Flexible Technology ... (United Kingdom)2006-07-18Cancelled
E037/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0009 Issue 7Flexible Technology ... (United Kingdom)2006-07-18Cancelled
E077/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0006 Issue 6Printech Circuit Lab... (United Kingdom)2006-06-01Cancelled
023/QCAC-IECQ BSI 06.0001 Issue 4Flex-Ability Limited (United Kingdom)2006-04-24Cancelled
022/QCAC-IECQ BSI 06.0007 Issue 4Stevenage Circuits L... (United Kingdom)2006-04-13Cancelled
E030/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0016 Issue 12Merlin Circuit Techn... (United Kingdom)2006-02-06Cancelled
E027/CAC-IECQ BSI 06.0002 Issue 7Lormay Limited (United Kingdom)2006-01-13Cancelled
E058/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0024 Issue 4BHK (Circuits) Limit... (United Kingdom)2005-07-26Cancelled
002/QCAC-IECQ BSI 05.0018 Issue 7SELEX Sensors and Ai... (United Kingdom)2005-05-13Cancelled
018/QCAC-IECQ BSI 05.0019 Issue 8SELEX Sensors and Ai... (United Kingdom)2005-05-13Cancelled
E003/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0003 Issue 5Circast Electronics ... (United Kingdom)2005-03-01Cancelled
E082/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0001 Issue 4Artetch Circuits Lim... (United Kingdom)2004-12-07Cancelled
E073/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0002 Issue 4D J Circuits Limited (United Kingdom)2004-11-09Cancelled
014/QCAC-IECQ BSI 05.0013 Issue 4Irlandus Circuits Lt... (United Kingdom)2004-05-21Cancelled
E087/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0005 Issue 2GSPK Circuits Limite... (United Kingdom)2004-05-14Cancelled
E021/CAC-IECQ BSI 05.0010 Issue 8CC Electronics Europ... (United Kingdom)2004-03-22Cancelled
D2002 IECQD-IECQ BSI 06.0002 Issue 5Premier Farnell (UK)... (United Kingdom)2012-02-01Cancelled
D2013 IECQD-IECQ BSI 05.0011 Issue 5Channel Electric Equ... (United Kingdom)2011-07-21Cancelled
D2007 IECQD-IECQ BSI 06.0001 Issue 7Pattonair Limited (United Kingdom)2010-06-25Cancelled
D2003 IECQD-IECQ BSI 05.0003 Issue 4Flint Distribution L... (United Kingdom)2010-01-15Cancelled
D2001 IECQD-IECQ BSI 05.0002 Issue 7Avnet EMG (United Kingdom)2009-08-21Cancelled
D2011 IECQ-CECCD-IECQ BSI 05.0012 Issue 3Arcotronics Limited (United Kingdom)2006-01-16Cancelled
D2006 IECQ-CECCD-IECQ BSI 05.0004 Issue 2Spartan Europe Limit... (United Kingdom)2006-01-16Cancelled
D2007 IECQ-CECCD-IECQ BSI 05.0005 Issue 1Compstock Electronic... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
T3008 IECQ-CECCL-IECQ BSI 06.0002 Issue 1Bookham Technology P... (United Kingdom)2006-09-19Cancelled
M1051 IECQM-IECQ BSI 05.0018 Issue 4eXception PCB Limite... (United Kingdom)2013-01-01Cancelled
M1022 IECQM-IECQ BSI 04.0021 Issue 4ITT Industries Limit... (United Kingdom)2012-12-12Cancelled
M1070 IECQM-IECQ BSI 05.0011 Issue 3AB Connectors Limite... (United Kingdom)2012-08-01Cancelled
M1004 IECQM-IECQ BSI 04.0007 Issue 4Amphenol Limited (United Kingdom)2012-05-01Cancelled
M1044 IECQM-IECQ BSI 06.0006 Issue 5Teknoflex Limited (United Kingdom)2011-08-03Cancelled
M1000 IECQM-IECQ BSI 04.0001 Issue 4Weald Electronics Li... (United Kingdom)2011-06-03Cancelled
M1078 IECQ Issue 2M-IECQ BSI 08.0002 Issue 2KEMET de Mexico, S.A... (Mexico)2011-05-14Cancelled
M1040 IECQM-IECQ BSI 08.0001 Issue 5Semelab Limited (United Kingdom)2011-03-12Cancelled
M1083 IECQM-IECQ BSI 11.0001 Issue 1Merlin Artetch Limit... (United Kingdom)2011-01-29Cancelled
M1024 IECQM-IECQ BSI 04.0022 Issue 3Kelan Circuits Limit... (United Kingdom)2010-03-19Cancelled
M1042 IECQM-IECQ BSI 06.0007 Issue 3Stevenage Circuits L... (United Kingdom)2010-03-19Cancelled
M1067 IECQM-IECQ BSI 06.0004 Issue 4ITW Switches, A Divi... (United Kingdom)2010-03-19Cancelled
M1002 IECQM-IECQ BSI 04.0005 Issue 3Artetch Circuits Lim... (United Kingdom)2010-03-19Cancelled
M1012 IECQM-IECQ BSI 06.0008 Issue 3Flex-Ability Limited (United Kingdom)2009-09-21Cancelled
M1036 IECQM-IECQ BSI 04.0030 Issue 2Photomechanical Serv... (United Kingdom)2009-03-02Cancelled
M1055 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0025 Issue 2Rakon UK Limited (United Kingdom)2007-03-13Cancelled
M1027 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 06.0002 Issue 1Lormay Limited (United Kingdom)2006-01-13Cancelled
M1048 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 06.0001 Issue 2Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2006-01-12Cancelled
M1037 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0002 Issue 2Printech Circuit lab... (United Kingdom)2005-08-18Cancelled
M1056 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0006 Issue 3SELEX Sensors and Ai... (United Kingdom)2005-05-12Cancelled
M1003 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0006 Issue 1Astra Circuits Limit... (United Kingdom)2004-12-15Cancelled
M1074 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0023 Issue 1TPC a Division of AV... (France)2004-10-08Cancelled
M1080 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0015 Issue 1TPC (Malaysia) Sdn B... (Malaysia)2004-08-23Cancelled
M1068 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0026 Issue 1Glenair UK Limited (United Kingdom)2004-07-06Cancelled
M1020 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0020 Issue 1Irlandus Circuits Lt... (United Kingdom)2004-05-21Cancelled
M1029 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0026 Issue 1Merlin Circuit Techn... (United Kingdom)2004-02-16Cancelled
M1029 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0019 Issue 1Merlin Circuit Techn... (United Kingdom)2004-02-16Cancelled
M1034 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0029 Issue 1Oxley Developments C... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1061 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0013 Issue 1BHK (Circuits) Limit... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1066 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0009 Issue 1DDi Marlow Ltd (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1063 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0014 Issue 1Circast Electronics ... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1036 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0001 Issue 1Photomechanical Serv... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1026 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0024 Issue 1Leicester Circuits (... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1064 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0008 Issue 1CC Electronics Europ... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1013 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0014 Issue 1Flexible Technology ... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1015 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0016 Issue 1GSPK Circuits Limite... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1059 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0021 Issue 1Cinch Connectors Lim... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1028 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0025 Issue 1Lyncolec Limited (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1018 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0018 Issue 1Invotec Circuits Bla... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1057 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 05.0022 Issue 1Arcotronics Limited (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1031 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0027 Issue 1Mintech Semiconducto... (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
M1006 IECQ-CECCM-IECQ BSI 04.0009 Issue 1D J Circuits Limited (United Kingdom)2003-12-15Cancelled
E002/PAAttachment IconP-IECQ BSI 05.0002 Issue 11Acal BFi UK Limited (United Kingdom)2010-11-25Cancelled
E1204/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0068 Issue 4Amphenol Limited (United Kingdom)2012-03-09Cancelled
1747/F Issue 6Q-IECQ BSI 12.0001 Issue 2Amphenol Limited (United Kingdom)2012-03-09Cancelled
E1241/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0094 Issue 3Amphenol Limited (United Kingdom)2011-05-26Cancelled
E1200/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0002 Issue 8Weald Electronics Li... (United Kingdom)2010-10-13Cancelled
E1285/FQ-IECQ BSI 10.0002 Issue 1KEMET ELECTRONICS CO... (Mexico)2010-10-13Cancelled
E1284/FQ-IECQ BSI 10.0001 Issue 1KEMET Electronics Co... (Mexico)2010-09-14Cancelled
E1257/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0096 Issue 7ITT Industries Limit... (United Kingdom)2010-08-04Cancelled
IN0015/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0058 Issue 4AVX Czech Republic S... (Czech Republic)2009-07-16Cancelled
IN0022/NQ-IECQ BSI 08.0001 Issue 2Dongguan Littelfuse ... (China)2009-04-08Cancelled
E1282/FQ-IECQ BSI 08.0003 Issue 1KEMET Electronics Co... (Mexico)2008-07-24Cancelled
E0127/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0066 Issue 4Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E0205/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0064 Issue 4Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E0124/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0061 Issue 4Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E0185/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0070 Issue 5Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E0186/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0067 Issue 4Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E0048/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0059 Issue 5Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E0207/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0062 Issue 4Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E0126/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0068 Issue 4Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E0046/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0069 Issue 5Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)2007-01-05Cancelled
E1278/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0058 Issue 1Glenair UK Limited (United Kingdom)2006-07-04Cancelled
E1272/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0062 Issue 7TPC (Malaysia) Sdn B... (Malaysia)2006-04-03Cancelled
E0830/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0012 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0769/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0022 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1188/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0047 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0804/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0014 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0729/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0029 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1035/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0039 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0801/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0017 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0802/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0016 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0759/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0026 Issue 6Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0837/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0009 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0836/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0010 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1210/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0001 Issue 2Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0732/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0028 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0718/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0034 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0492/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0004 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0758/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0027 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0769/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0023 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0768/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0024 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0494/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0003 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0771/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0021 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0721/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0031 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0491/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0005 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0981/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0037 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1036/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0038 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0829/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0013 Issue 5Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1190/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0046 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1252/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0053 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0772/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0020 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0719/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0033 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0936/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0008 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1198/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0044 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0987/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0035 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0767/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0025 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0803/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0015 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0493/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0006 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1199/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0043 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1034/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0040 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1246/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0050 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1191/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0045 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0722/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0030 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0986/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0036 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1244/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0049 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0799/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0019 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1251/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0054 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0831/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0011 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1033/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0041 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1249/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0051 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0490/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0007 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1176/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0042 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1248/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0052 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0800/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0018 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0720/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0032 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E0704/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0002 Issue 4Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1242/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0048 Issue 3Semelab Plc (United Kingdom)2006-01-10Cancelled
E1275/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0098 Issue 1AB Connectors Limite... (United Kingdom)2005-12-15Cancelled
E1258/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0092 Issue 5TPC a Division of AV... (France)2005-06-01Cancelled
E1260/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0090 Issue 3TPC a Division of AV... (France)2005-06-01Cancelled
E1261/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0093 Issue 4TPC a Division of AV... (France)2005-06-01Cancelled
E1259/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0091 Issue 5TPC a Division of AV... (France)2005-06-01Cancelled
E0245/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0085 Issue 7Arcotronics Limited (United Kingdom)2005-05-31Cancelled
E0706/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0084 Issue 4Arcotronics Limited (United Kingdom)2005-05-31Cancelled
E1155/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0088 Issue 3Arcotronics Limited (United Kingdom)2005-05-31Cancelled
E1060/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0087 Issue 3Arcotronics Limited (United Kingdom)2005-05-31Cancelled
IN/0014/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0089 Issue 3Arcotronics Limited (United Kingdom)2005-05-31Cancelled
E0466/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0086 Issue 3Arcotronics Limited (United Kingdom)2005-05-31Cancelled
E1212/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0061 Issue 5AB Connectors Limite... (United Kingdom)2005-04-14Cancelled
E1240/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0065 Issue 2Amphenol Limited (United Kingdom)2005-02-14Cancelled
E1263/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0063 Issue 3TPC (Malaysia) Sdn B... (Malaysia)2005-02-07Cancelled
E1178/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0003 Issue 4Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2005-01-18Cancelled
E1180/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0001 Issue 9Weald Electronics Li... (United Kingdom)2004-10-13Cancelled
E0480/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0080 Issue 4Syfer Technology Ltd... (United Kingdom)2004-09-01Cancelled
E0279/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0073 Issue 6Syfer Technology Ltd... (United Kingdom)2004-08-12Cancelled
E0281/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0072 Issue 5Syfer Technology Ltd... (United Kingdom)2004-08-12Cancelled
E0487/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0071 Issue 5Syfer Technology Ltd... (United Kingdom)2004-08-12Cancelled
E0488/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0070 Issue 6Syfer Technology Ltd... (United Kingdom)2004-08-12Cancelled
E1245/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0054 Issue 3AVX Limited, Tantalu... (United Kingdom)2004-08-01Cancelled
IN0012/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0059 Issue 5AVX Limited, Tantalu... (United Kingdom)2004-07-22Cancelled
IN0001/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0060 Issue 6AVX Limited, Tantalu... (United Kingdom)2004-07-22Cancelled
E0520/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0056 Issue 3AVX Limited, Tantalu... (United Kingdom)2004-07-08Cancelled
E0523/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0076 Issue 2AVX Limited, Colerai... (United Kingdom)2004-07-08Cancelled
E0031/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0057 Issue 14AVX Limited, Tantalu... (United Kingdom)2004-07-08Cancelled
E0964/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0053 Issue 6AVX Limited, Tantalu... (United Kingdom)2004-07-08Cancelled
E0521/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0078 Issue 5AVX Limited, Colerai... (United Kingdom)2004-07-08Cancelled
E0146/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0051 Issue 7Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0243/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0042 Issue 5Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0245/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0047 Issue 6Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0085/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0019 Issue 7Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0240/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0045 Issue 6Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E1046/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0069 Issue 7Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E1069/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0024 Issue 6Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0988/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0025 Issue 5Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E1266/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0005 Issue 3Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E1063/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0022 Issue 6Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0961/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0049 Issue 6Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0243/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0042 Issue 5Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E1054/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0021 Issue 6Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0235/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0046 Issue 6Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E1053/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0020 Issue 6Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0470/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0039 Issue 4Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E1059/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0023 Issue 5Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E1269/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0009 Issue 3Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0241/NQ-IECQ BSI 05.0044 Issue 9Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0972/FQ-IECQ BSI 05.0050 Issue 5Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2004-01-07Cancelled
E0129/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0063 Issue 4Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)1992-08-14Cancelled
E0204/NQ-IECQ BSI 06.0065 Issue 3Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)1992-08-14Cancelled
E0049/FQ-IECQ BSI 06.0060 Issue 4Tyco Electronics UK ... (United Kingdom)1992-08-14Cancelled
H742171 IECQIECQ-H BSI 21.0002 Issue 1Innoscience (Zhuhai)... (China)2021/03/04Current
H739653 IECQIECQ-H BSI 21.0001 Issue 1Jiangsu Advanced Mem... (China)2021/02/18Current
H630350 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0003 Issue 4Advanced Semiconduct... (China)2021/02/02Current
H684367 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0001 Issue 3ChengDu Hipad Intell... (China)2021/01/28Current
H629298 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0001 Issue 4Chin Poon (Changshu)... (China)2021/01/22Current
H540466 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0003 Issue 8China Steel Corporat... (Taiwan)2021/01/21Current
H634472 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0005 Issue 4Dongguan Meadville C... (China)2021/01/14Current
H738238 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0013 Issue 1Delta Electronics In... (Taiwan)2021/01/07Current
H734576 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0010 Issue 2 Delta Electronics (... (China)2021/01/07Current
H581533 IECQIECQ-H BSI 12.0002 Issue 6Securitag Assembly G... (Taiwan)2021/01/07Current
H717684 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0012 Issue 1 TENRYU (DALIAN) SAW... (China)2020/12/02Current
H673779 IECQIECQ-H BSI 17.0008 Issue 3Jiangmen Glory Faith... (China)2020/11/16Current
H616769 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0016 Issue 6BAOSTEEL-NIPPON STEE... (China)2020/11/10Current
H644377 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0011 Issue 3Victory Giant Techno... (China)2020/11/06Current
H616771 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0017 Issue 5Baoshan Iron & Steel... (China)2020/11/05Current
H618271 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0012 Issue 4Tech-Front (Chongqin... (China)2020/11/04Current
H618271-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0012-01 Issue 2Tech-Com (Chongqing)... (China)2020/11/04Current
H736309 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0011 Issue 1 Knowles Electronics... (China)2020/10/21Current
H615733 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0014 Issue 4Beijing Kunbofangyua... (China)2020/10/16Current
H615733-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0014-01 Issue 4Sanhe Kunfang Electr... (China)2020/10/16Current
H733937 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0007 Issue 1TCL China Star Optoe... (China)2020/10/05Current
H734244 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0008 Issue 1Shenzhen China Star ... (China)2020/10/05Current
H734245 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0009 Issue 1 Huizhou China Star ... (China)2020/10/05Current
H573133 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0030 Issue 6Wuhan Lixing (Torch)... (China)2020/09/15Current
H573133-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0031 Issue 6Wuhan Lixing (Torch)... (China)2020/09/15Current
H670007 IECQIECQ-H BSI 17.0007 Issue 3Hengshan Jiacheng Ne... (China)2020/08/17Current
H578213 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0037 Issue 6Delta Electronics ( ... (China)2020/08/05Current
H540838 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0004 Issue 6Dong Guan Shen Yang ... (China)2020/07/31Current
H729200 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0006 Issue 1 HangZhou GengDe Ele... (China)2020/07/27Current
H732621 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0005 Issue 1Delta Electronics (D... (China)2020/07/21Current
H727291 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0004 Issue 1 vivo Mobile Communi... (China)2020/07/02Current
H573780 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0026 Issue 5Delta Electronics Po... (China)2020/07/02Current
H538537 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0023 Issue 7Boluo Shiwan Ming Ch... (China)2020/06/09Current
H671217 IECQIECQ-H BSI 17.0004 Issue 3Shanghai Flexmetal T... (China)2020/06/09Current
H614301 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0009 Issue 4Kunshan Yuanjin Plas... (China)2020/05/26Current
H576046 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0024 Issue 7Jiangsu Huafeng Elec... (China)2020/05/13Current
H673240 IECQIECQ-H BSI 17.0003 Issue 3ASE Assembly & Test ... (China)2020/05/12Current
H720167 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0003 Issue 1Jiangxing Electronic... (China)2020/04/07Current
H8079 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-H BSI 11.0014 Issue 6Dongguan Nuconn Elec... (China)2020/03/27Current
H8078 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 11.0018 Issue 5AFT Electronic Co., ... (China)2020/03/23Current
H723412 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0002 Issue 1Semiconductor Manufa... (China)2020/03/04Current
H719826 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0008 Issue 1 Tigerbuilder Microc... (China)2020/01/31Current
H717076 IECQIECQ-H BSI 20.0001 Issue 1 Dynax Semiconductor... (China)2020/01/28Current
H8019 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0013 Issue 8Getac Technology (Ku... (China)2020/01/21Current
H666139 IECQIECQ-H BSI 17.0002 Issue 3TXC (Chungking) Corp... (China)2020/01/09Current
H566747 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0005 Issue 5Carven Technology (W... (China)2020/01/07Current
H609655 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0001 Issue 4PSD Technology (KS)... (China)2019/12/16Current
H717792 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0007 Issue 1 Merix Printed Circu... (China)2019/12/09Current
H716657 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0005 Issue 1 Jingjia Electronics... (China)2019/11/20Current
H8070 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-H BSI 11.0003 Issue 6Fu Dy Printing Co., ... (Taiwan)2019/11/18Current
H720508 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0006 Issue 1 Come Sure Packing P... (China)2019/11/05Current
H716435 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0004 Issue 1Wiwynn Corporation (Taiwan)2019/10/03Current
H716435-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0004-01 Issue 1Wiwynn Corporation T... (Taiwan)2019/10/03Current
H8067 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 10.0050 Issue 5Optivision Technolog... (Taiwan)2019/10/03Current
H8061 IECQ Issue 8IECQ-H BSI 10.0049 Issue 6Cordiality Label Pri... (China)2019/09/03Current
H549822 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0004 Issue 6Kenic Electric Mfg. ... (China)2019/09/03Current
H659612 IECQIECQ-H BSI 17.0001 Issue 2Guangzhou Termbray E... (China)2019/08/29Current
H8068 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 11.0007 Issue 4RALEC TECHNOLOGY (KU... (China)2019/08/20Current
H711693 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0003 Issue 1Chengdu HiWafer Semi... (China)2019/08/19Current
H607902 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0013 Issue 3Lihua Color Printed ... (China)2019/08/19Current
H607902-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0013-01 Issue 3Popular World Printi... (China)2019/08/19Current
H558092 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0011 Issue 6Joules Miles Co., Lt... (Taiwan)2019/08/19Current
H606497 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0012 Issue 3Strong Components Co... (China)2019/08/15Current
H8000 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0019 Issue 8Charter Media (Dongg... (China)2019/08/12Current
H8054 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 10.0002 Issue 5Hon Yung Jian (Lian ... (China)2019/08/06Current
H551687 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0011 Issue 6Samxon Electronics (... (China)2019/08/06Current
H708951 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0002 Issue 1Chengdu CEC Panda Di... (China)2019/08/05Current
H8026 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0048 Issue 7Zhuhai Leaguer Capac... (China)2019/08/01Current
H569527 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0056 Issue 4Cathay Chemical Work... (Taiwan)2019/08/01Current
H617340 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0011 Issue 3Kunshan JYT Tech Co.... (China)2019/07/23Current
H710684 IECQIECQ-H BSI 19.0001 Issue 1 Kunming BOE Display... (China)2019/07/18Current
H550768 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0009 Issue 7Dong Guan Tung Wei S... (China)2019/07/08Current
H8053 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 10.0032 Issue 5Huo Nang Development... (Taiwan)2019/06/26Current
H8057 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 10.0038 Issue 4Kunshan Yuansong Ele... (China)2019/06/17Current
H552142 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0001 Issue 7Flextronics Electron... (China)2019/06/13Current
H655149 IECQIECQ-H BSI 16.0004 Issue 2Tai Cang Thintech Ma... (China)2019/06/11Current
H8071 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 10.0052 Issue 4Dongguan Dongpin Col... (China)2019/06/11Current
H8035 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 10.0031 Issue 4In Win Development I... (Taiwan)2019/06/11Current
H8035-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0031-01 Issue 3In Win Development I... (Taiwan)2019/06/11Current
H8048 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-H BSI 10.0030 Issue 6Add & Poly Resin Ind... (Taiwan)2019/05/30Current
H549212 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0013 Issue 6Shenzhen Sunxing Lig... (China)2019/05/23Current
H573780-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0027 Issue 5Delta Electronics (D... (China)2019/05/22Cancelled
H8010 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 11.0049 Issue 5TENRYU (CHINA) SAW M... (China)2019/05/21Current
H634426 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0008 Issue 5Shenzhen Flexmetal I... (China)2019/05/17Current
H631163 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0004 Issue 3ZHEJIANG DECOTEC CO.... (China)2019/05/03Current
H687097 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0002 Issue 2 Nanchang Wind Commu... (China)2019/04/24Cancelled
H8018 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0019 Issue 6Shanghai Liangxin El... (China)2019/03/26Current
H610981 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0005 Issue 3HeJian Technology (S... (China)2019/03/19Cancelled
H8020 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0016 Issue 6Greentop Technology ... (Taiwan)2019/03/01Current
H701980 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0011 Issue 1 Perfect Fortune Ele... (China)2019/02/12Current
H8003 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0014 Issue 5Global Brands Manufa... (China)2019/02/11Current
H556441 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 13.0003 Issue 4TXC (NINGBO) CORPORA... (China)2019/02/08Current
H597048 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0007 Issue 3Shenzhen Jingchengda... (China)2019/02/06Current
H702374 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0010 Issue 1 Hamburg (Jiangsu) C... (China)2019/02/05Current
H595031 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0006 Issue 4Dongguan Tech-in Ele... (China)2019/02/05Current
H699680 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0007 Issue 1Tyco Electronics (Su... (China)2019/01/24Current
H699682 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0008 Issue 1Tyco Electronics Tec... (China)2019/01/24Current
H699683 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0009 Issue 1Tyco Electronics Tec... (China)2019/01/24Current
H647868 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0013 Issue 2MING CHUN YUAN MICRO... (Taiwan)2019/01/23Current
H556405 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0009 Issue 5TXC CORPORATION (Taiwan)2019/01/16Current
H693389 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0012 Issue 1 Nexchip Semiconduct... (China)2019/01/08Current
H642593 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0012 Issue 2Tigerbuilder Circuit... (China)2018/12/18Cancelled
H8001 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 10.0007 Issue 5Compupal (Group) Cor... (China)2018/12/07Current
H539129 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0003 Issue 5Asia Vital Component... (China)2018/12/04Cancelled
H553122 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0033 Issue 6Suzhou CHIEF HSIN El... (China)2018/11/29Current
H588578 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0002 Issue 3Sander Electronic Co... (Taiwan)2018/11/29Current
H696687 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0005 Issue 1Taiflex Scientific (... (China)2018/11/21Cancelled
H592343 IECQIECQ-H BSI 12.0007 Issue 4Laser Tools & Techni... (Taiwan)2018/11/05Current
H699795 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0006 Issue 1Chongqing HKC Optoel... (China)2018/11/01Current
H591709 IECQIECQ-H BSI 12.0008 Issue 4Prime World Internat... (Taiwan)2018/10/05Current
H643188 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0010 Issue 2Taishan Jingchengda ... (China)2018/09/27Current
H550711 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0017 Issue 5Toon Wei Industry Co... (Taiwan)2018/09/06Current
H695807 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0004 Issue 1Chongqing BOE Smart ... (China)2018/08/08Current
H635974 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0007 Issue 2Wuxi E&R Semiconduct... (China)2018/07/26Current
H689851 IECQIECQ-H BSI 18.0003 Issue 1Thintech Materials T... (Taiwan)2018/07/26Current
H8080 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 11.0021 Issue 5Dongguan Approach El... (China)2018/04/30Cancelled
H537243 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0018 Issue 5Robex Precision Meta... (China)2018/04/16Cancelled
H545985 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0008 Issue 5Alent Alpha Metals (... (China)2018/03/23Cancelled
H541730 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0005 Issue 6Dongguan Joint Tech ... (China)2018/01/25Cancelled
H572899 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0044 Issue 7Shenzhen Dongming Mo... (China)2017/10/05Cancelled
H8017 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0005 Issue 5Dongguan Hong Lin In... (China)2017/10/02Cancelled
H540020 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-H BSI 10.0029 Issue 5Dongguan Allied Proj... (China)2017/09/26Cancelled
H566073 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0001 Issue 4Ever Win Internation... (China)2017/08/31Cancelled
H674728 IECQIECQ-H BSI 17.0005 Issue 1Dongguan MingFeng Pa... (China)2017/06/21Cancelled
H538541 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0022 Issue 5Ji You (Hui Zhou) El... (China)2017/06/21Cancelled
H8072 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 11.0002 Issue 3Dong Xing Color Prin... (China)2017/04/05Cancelled
H611034 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0004 Issue 2Zhao Yang Electronic... (China)2017/03/27Cancelled
H571343 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0016 Issue 4Blossom Electrical T... (China)2017/03/27Cancelled
H537030 IECQ Issue 4IECQ-H BSI 11.0015 Issue 3Shenzhen Kedali Indu... (China)2017/03/20Cancelled
H8073 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0004 Issue 4Hamburg (ShanghaiI) ... (China)2017/02/14Cancelled
H564019 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0047 Issue 4Thintech Materials T... (Taiwan)2016/11/15Cancelled
H603094 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0011 Issue 2Beijer Electronics C... (Taiwan)2016/10/21Cancelled
H658409 IECQIECQ-H BSI 16.0005 Issue 1UTAC Dongguan Ltd (China)2016/08/23Cancelled
H8046 IECQ Issue 4IECQ-H BSI 10.0044 Issue 3ACME Electronics (Gu... (China)2016/08/06Cancelled
H8045 IECQ Issue 4IECQ-H BSI 10.0039 Issue 3ACME Electronics (Ku... (China)2016/08/06Cancelled
H8044 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0035 Issue 4ACME Electronics Cor... (Taiwan)2016/07/23Cancelled
H654951 IECQIECQ-H BSI 16.0003 Issue 1Hangzhou Manko Audio... (China)2016/07/04Cancelled
H8006 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 11.0022 Issue 3NTK - (GZ) Electroni... (China)2016/06/05Cancelled
H8006-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0022-01 Issue 2Guangzhou Chief Tech... (China)2016/06/05Cancelled
H595021 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0009 Issue 2USI Optronics Corpor... (Taiwan)2016/04/26Cancelled
H556361 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0006 Issue 4EELY-ECW (Guangzhou)... (China)2016/04/19Cancelled
H8028 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0058 Issue 6Kang Yang Hardware E... (Taiwan)2016/04/16Cancelled
H553121 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0017 Issue 4Chief Land Electroni... (Taiwan)2016/02/29Cancelled
H557929 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0006 Issue 5Chang-Fong Textile T... (Taiwan)2016/02/05Cancelled
H644836 IECQIECQ-H BSI 16.0001 Issue 1Sunfield Technology ... (Taiwan)2016/01/08Cancelled
H645496 IECQIECQ-H BSI 16.0002 Issue 1Tigerbuilder Electro... (China)2016/01/08Cancelled
H643552 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0014 Issue 1TXC OPTECH CORPORATI... (Taiwan)2016/01/07Cancelled
H580339-1 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 13.0001-01 Issue 1Huizhou Come Sure Pa... (China)2016/01/04Cancelled
H580339 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0001 Issue 3Huizhou Come Sure Pa... (China)2016/01/04Cancelled
H8031 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 11.0053 Issue 4KANG CHE COMPUTER CO... (China)2016/01/01Cancelled
H8030 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0043 Issue 5Kang Yang Hardware E... (Taiwan)2016/01/01Cancelled
H8032 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 11.0052 Issue 4KANG YANG PLASTIC (D... (China)2016/01/01Cancelled
H540024 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0021 Issue 4Dong Guan Typic Pain... (China)2015/10/28Cancelled
H8000-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0019-01 Issue 6Fujikon Industrial C... (Hong Kong)2015/08/21Cancelled
H583738 IECQIECQ-H BSI 12.0005 Issue 3RR Donnelley (Chengd... (China)2015/07/23Cancelled
H613914 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0010 Issue 2Ordos Yuansheng Opto... (China)2015/06/02Cancelled
H634711 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0006 Issue 1Zhanyun (Chong Qing)... (China)2015/05/28Cancelled
H613260 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0007 Issue 2Siliconware Technolo... (China)2015/05/14Cancelled
H609103 IECQIECQ-H BSI 15.0002 Issue 1G-TECH Optoelectroni... (China)2015/02/26Cancelled
H617703 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0015 Issue 1ITECHOME TECHNOLOGY ... (China)2014/10/31Cancelled
H619322 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0013 Issue 1Shenzhen Hipad Telec... (China)2014/10/14Cancelled
H575356 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0029 Issue 3Lin Horn Technology ... (Taiwan)2014/08/10Cancelled
H612044 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0008 Issue 1Guang Dong Ellington... (China)2014/05/29Cancelled
H540847 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0020 Issue 4UTAC Dongguan Ltd. (China)2014/05/14Cancelled
H612473 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0006 Issue 1Dongguan Phoenix Ele... (China)2014/04/25Cancelled
H548345 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0012 Issue 3Tennrich Electronics... (China)2014/03/31Cancelled
H596910 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0004 Issue 2Volex Cable Assembly... (China)2014/03/20Cancelled
H8065 IECQ Issue 3IECQ-H BSI 11.0012 Issue 2Profit (Dong Guan) E... (China)2014/03/19Cancelled
H610018 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0003 Issue 1Zhuhai Sungho Electr... (China)2014/03/18Cancelled
H596774 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0005 Issue 2Volex Cable Assembly... (China)2014/02/26Cancelled
H609401 IECQIECQ-H BSI 14.0002 Issue 1ShenZhen MAGIC light... (China)2014/02/17Cancelled
H608219 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0014 Issue 1Foshan City Xin Jin ... (China)2013/12/20Cancelled
H8040 IECQ Issue 4IECQ-H BSI 11.0050 Issue 3DONG GUAN SHEN MAO S... (China)2013/12/05Cancelled
H580026-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0038-01 Issue 1Liteon Auto Electric... (China)2013/10/29Cancelled
H8060 IECQ Issue 4IECQ-H BSI 10.0042 Issue 3DONGGUAN DONNELLEY P... (China)2013/10/25Cancelled
H580296-2 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0039-02 Issue 3Philips & Lite-On Di... (Taiwan)2013/10/22Cancelled
H580296 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0039 Issue 3Lite-On Information ... (Taiwan)2013/10/22Cancelled
H580296-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0039-01 Issue 3Lite-On Information ... (Taiwan)2013/10/22Cancelled
H580296-3 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0039-03 Issue 3Philips & Lite-On Di... (Taiwan)2013/10/22Cancelled
H590354 IECQIECQ-H BSI 12.0006 Issue 2Hainan PCB Square C... (China)2013/10/04Cancelled
H580026 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0038 Issue 3Lite-on Opto Technol... (China)2013/09/06Cancelled
H579705 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0045 Issue 2CymMetrik (Chongqing... (China)2013/08/06Cancelled
H575109 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0034 Issue 2Enertronix (Huizhou)... (China)2013/06/24Cancelled
H599391 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0010 Issue 1Taishan Jingchengda ... (China)2013/06/24Cancelled
H558023 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0053 Issue 2MING CHUN YUAN MICRO... (Taiwan)2013/05/21Cancelled
H595866 IECQIECQ-H BSI 13.0008 Issue 1Bao Hwa Industrial C... (Taiwan)2013/05/01Cancelled
H8011 IECQ Issue 3IECQ-H BSI 10.0015 Issue 2Hanpao (Shenzhen) Co... (China)2013/03/20Cancelled
H8014 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 10.0012 Issue 3GEMTEK TECHNOLOGY CO... (Taiwan)2013/03/02Cancelled
H542323 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0007 Issue 3Unifosa Corp. (Taiwan)2012/10/15Cancelled
H563471 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0037 Issue 2Monterey (Zhangjiang... (China)2012/10/11Cancelled
H583284 IECQIECQ-H BSI 12.0004 Issue 1NTK (GZ) Electronic ... (China)2012/05/23Cancelled
H8049 IECQ Issue 3IECQ-H BSI 10.0043 Issue 2Huizhou Superior Fas... (China)2012/02/27Cancelled
H583296 IECQIECQ-H BSI 12.0003 Issue 1Dong Guan Shuo Yang ... (China)2012/02/27Cancelled
H8015 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-H BSI 09.0014 Issue 4SCHRAMM SSCP (Shangh... (China)2012/02/01Cancelled
H582120 IECQIECQ-H BSI 12.0001 Issue 1Swanson Technologies... (Taiwan)2012/01/20Cancelled
H8062 IECQ Issue 4IECQ-H BSI 10.0010 Issue 3Gemtek Electronics (... (China)2012/01/09Cancelled
H578968 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0046 Issue 1Wuhan Lijun Power Co... (China)2012/01/09Cancelled
H550769 IECQIECQ-H BSI 09.0010 Issue 2Tung Wei Special Pai... (China)2011/10/07Cancelled
H541539 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0027 Issue 2Shanzhen Gantong Tec... (China)2011/10/06Cancelled
H577541 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 11.0032 Issue 1Suzhou Fu Shun Hong ... (China)2011/08/17Cancelled
H577545 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 11.0033 Issue 1Ging Hong Electronic... (China)2011/08/15Cancelled
H578141 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0035 Issue 1Wuhan Lixing Power S... (China)2011/08/10Cancelled
H578141-1 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0036 Issue 1Wuhan Lixing Power S... (China)2011/08/10Cancelled
H536189 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 11.0028 Issue 1FORTUNE GRAND ENTERP... (China)2011/07/17Cancelled
H536192 IECQ Issue 3IECQ-H BSI 11.0025 Issue 2TREASURE ELECTRONICS... (China)2011/07/17Cancelled
H8029 IECQ Issue 3IECQ-H BSI 11.0023 Issue 1Guangzhou Chief Tech... (China)2011/06/20Cancelled
H564543 IECQIECQ-H BSI 11.0020 Issue 1Shenzhen Ming Yu Tec... (China)2011/05/23Cancelled
H557737 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 10.0045 Issue 2GD MIDEA KITCHEN & B... (China)2011/03/25Cancelled
H564526 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 11.0013 Issue 1Tak Wing Shing Techn... (China)2011/03/25Cancelled
H564646 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 11.0008 Issue 1Aekyung (Foshan) Pai... (China)2011/03/11Cancelled
H569622 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 11.0009 Issue 1Suzhou O.H.E. Techno... (China)2011/03/10Cancelled
H558028 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0026 Issue 2SUMIKA Technology Co... (Taiwan)2011/02/17Cancelled
H563998 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 10.0057 Issue 1Cathay Chemical Work... (Taiwan)2010/12/23Cancelled
H8063 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 10.0051 Issue 1GEMTEK ELECTRONIC (S... (China)2010/11/02Cancelled
H8064 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 10.0048 Issue 1SUZHOU DOWMORGEN ELE... (China)2010/10/25Cancelled
H8023 IECQ Issue 3IECQ-H BSI 10.0046 Issue 1SHENZHEN DONG YIN EL... (China)2010/10/09Cancelled
H567342 IECQ Issue 4IECQ-H BSI 10.0040 Issue 4Dongguan Phoenix Ele... (China)2010/09/06Cancelled
H567341 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 10.0041 Issue 1Phoenix Optoelectron... (Hong Kong)2010/09/06Cancelled
H562261 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 10.0036 Issue 1Phoenix Electronics ... (Hong Kong)2010/09/06Cancelled
H8009 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 10.0034 Issue 1GAO PARASON PACKING ... (China)2010/08/07Cancelled
H8027 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 11.0054 Issue 1HUIZHOU JUNCHAO ELEC... (China)2010/08/06Cancelled
H8013 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 11.0057 Issue 1Dongguan Protronic E... (China)2010/08/06Cancelled
H562116 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 11.0011 Issue 1Dongguan Liaobu SEMA... (China)2010/05/24Cancelled
H8016 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 11.0047 Issue 1SEMICONDUCTOR MANUFA... (China)2010/04/16Cancelled
H538484 IECQ Issue 2IECQ-H BSI 09.0002 Issue 2Dongguan Fenggang Ju... (China)2009/12/21Cancelled
H536240 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0025 Issue 1Sung Wei (Shenzhen) ... (China)2009/04/08Cancelled
H536240 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0028 Issue 1Sung Wei (Shenzhen) ... (China)2009/04/08Cancelled
H541840 IECQ Issue 1IECQ-H BSI 09.0006 Issue 1Akzo Nobel Chang Che... (Viet Nam)2008/12/19Cancelled
H537743 IECQIECQ-H BSI 10.0024 Issue 1Q Technology Limited (China)2008/09/04Cancelled
H8002-1 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0021 Issue 1STARCONN ELECTRONIC ... (China)2008/07/18Cancelled
H8002-2 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0022 Issue 1CHIEF HSIN ELECTRONI... (China)2008/07/18Cancelled
H8084-2 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0018 Issue 1VARITRONIX (SHENZHEN... (China)2008/07/01Cancelled
H8084 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0016 Issue 1VARITRONIX (HEYUAN) ... (China)2008/07/01Cancelled
H8084-1 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0017 Issue 1VARITRONIX (HEYUAN) ... (China)2008/07/01Cancelled
H8084-3 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0019 Issue 1VARITRONIX ELECTRONI... (China)2008/07/01Cancelled
H8081 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0010 Issue 1TRIPOD (WUXI) ELECTR... (China)2008/04/28Cancelled
H8076 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0007 Issue 1DONGGUAN JIEMEI ELEC... (China)2008/03/31Cancelled
H8052 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0008 Issue 1TENLEX ELECTRONICS M... (China)2008/03/20Cancelled
H8075 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0005 Issue 1DONG GUAN TECHVIEW E... (China)2008/03/10Cancelled
H8074 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0004 Issue 1DELTA ELECTRONICS (D... (China)2008/03/07Cancelled
H8077 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 08.0002 Issue 1DONNGGUAN LIAN CHENG... (China)2008/02/14Cancelled
H8059 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0059 Issue 1HOW JINN PRECISION S... (China)2007/11/14Cancelled
H8050 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0060 Issue 1SUZHOU HAMBURG ELECT... (China)2007/11/02Cancelled
H8047 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0053 Issue 1DONG-GUAN ARAI RUBBE... (China)2007/09/17Cancelled
H8058 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0050 Issue 1UNIBRIGHT CHEMICAL C... (Taiwan)2007/08/28Cancelled
H8042 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0039 Issue 3Y.C. CABLE CO., LTD (China)2007/08/28Cancelled
H8051 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0052 Issue 1HITPOINT ELECTRONIC ... (China)2007/08/23Cancelled
H8056 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0036 Issue 1NIANHE PLASTIC & HAR... (China)2007/07/29Cancelled
H8055 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0035 Issue 1NIANHE PLASTIC & HAR... (China)2007/07/29Cancelled
H8038 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0033 Issue 1SUIZHOU TIANCHENG CO... (China)2007/07/05Cancelled
H8037 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0032 Issue 1INTERLINK ELECTRONIC... (China)2007/07/02Cancelled
H8043 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0022 Issue 1LIANG HAW TECHNOLOGY... (Taiwan)2007/06/27Cancelled
H8039 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0026 Issue 1XIN TAI POWDER METAL... (China)2007/06/18Cancelled
H8033 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0027 Issue 1HO JINN PLASTIC ELEC... (China)2007/06/18Cancelled
H8021 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0029 Issue 1FOSHAN SHUNDE C-KITC... (China)2007/06/18Cancelled
H8034 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0021 Issue 1IN SHIN TECHNOLOGY (... (China)2007/05/25Cancelled
H8024 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0016 Issue 1WINSOURCE INDUSTRIES... (China)2007/04/23Cancelled
H8012 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0046 Issue 1DELTON ELECTRONICS (... (China)2007/04/17Cancelled
H8025 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0011 Issue 1SHENZHEN HAIYU TECHN... (China)2007/03/20Cancelled
H8002 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0002 Issue 1CHIEF LAND ELECTRONI... (Taiwan)2007/02/15Cancelled
H8008 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0003 Issue 1SAMSUNG BESTVIEW (HU... (China)2007/01/12Cancelled
H8004 IECQHC-IECQ BSI 07.0004 Issue 1HIT INCORPORATED (DO... (China)2007/01/12Cancelled
A5004 IECQIECQ-E BSI 10.0003 Issue 4-Cancelled
A5006 IECQIECQ-E BSI 11.0002 Issue 4-Cancelled
A5000 IECQIECQ-E BSI 10.0004 Issue 10-Current
A637582 IECQIECQ-E BSI 16.0002 Issue 3-Current
A637583 IECQIECQ-E BSI 16.0004 Issue 3-Current
A637581 IECQIECQ-E BSI 16.0001 Issue 4-Current
A5001 IECQIECQ-E BSI 10.0001 Issue 11-Current
A5002 IECQIECQ-E BSI 10.0005 Issue 12-Current
A5002-1 IECQIECQ-E BSI 10.0005-01 Issue 4-Current
A5005 IECQIECQ-E BSI 11.0001 Issue 8-Current
M722096 IECQIECQ-P BSI 20.0002 Issue 1UniOhm Electronics I... (China)2021-01-05Current
M1053 IECQ Issue 9IECQ-P BSI 14.0001 Issue 4Charcroft Electronic... (United Kingdom)2021-01-04Current
D2010 IECQ Issue 11IECQ-P BSI 13.0010 Issue 6Charcroft Electronic... (United Kingdom)2021-01-04Current
M1035 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-P BSI 15.0001 Issue 3P W Circuits Limited (United Kingdom)2020-12-24Current
026/QCA Issue 11IECQ-C BSI 15.0001 Issue 3P W Circuits Limited (United Kingdom)2020-12-24Current
030/ICAIECQ-C BSI 13.0001 Issue 4P W Circuits Limited (United Kingdom)2020-12-24Current
D2000 IECQ Issue 8IECQ-P BSI 15.0003 Issue 3F C Lane Electronics... (United Kingdom)2020-12-08Current
P4000 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-P BSI 15.0002 Issue 3F C Lane Electronics... (United Kingdom)2020-12-08Current
E003/PA Issue 8IECQ-P BSI 15.0004 Issue 4F C Lane Electronics... (United Kingdom)2020-12-08Current
E1273/F Issue 20IECQ-C BSI 14.0001 Issue 7Dongguan Littelfuse ... (China)2020-12-02Current
E1274/F Issue 9IECQ-C BSI 15.0009 Issue 5Dongguan Littelfuse ... (China)2020-12-02Current
E1291/FIECQ-C BSI 15.0013 Issue 3Dongguan Littelfuse ... (China)2020-12-02Current
M1069 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-P BSI 15.0007 Issue 3Dongguan Littelfuse ... (China)2020-12-02Current
E0182/N Issue 14IECQ-C BSI 14.0026 Issue 5Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-12-02Current
E0193/N Issue 13IECQ-C BSI 14.0027 Issue 5Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-12-02Current
E0198/N Issue 11IECQ-C BSI 14.0028 Issue 5Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-12-02Current
E0199/N Issue 11IECQ-C BSI 14.0029 Issue 5Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-12-02Current
M1010 IECQ Issue 9IECQ-P BSI 14.0018 Issue 4Ultra Electronics Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-11-05Current
E059/CA Issue 13IECQ-C BSI 14.0053 Issue 4Ultra Electronics Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-11-05Current
M1009 IECQ Issue 8IECQ-P BSI 14.0016 Issue 3Express Circuits Lim... (United Kingdom)2020-11-05Current
029/ICA Issue 4IECQ-C BSI 14.0052 Issue 3Express Circuits Lim... (United Kingdom)2020-11-05Current
M1001 IECQ Issue 10IECQ-P BSI 14.0012 Issue 5Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0094/N Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0031 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0095/N Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0020 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0096/N Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0021 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0097/N Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0022 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0099/N Issue 11IECQ-C BSI 14.0024 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0098/N Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0023 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0224/N Issue 13IECQ-C BSI 14.0030 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0225/N Issue 13IECQ-C BSI 14.0032 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0226/N Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0033 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0228/N Issue 9IECQ-C BSI 14.0034 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0229/N Issue 12IECQ-C BSI 14.0035 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0230/N Issue 9IECQ-C BSI 14.0036 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E0242/N Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0037 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1150/F Issue 8IECQ-C BSI 14.0038 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1151/F Issue 8IECQ-C BSI 14.0039 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1205/F Issue 8IECQ-C BSI 14.0044 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1206/F Issue 9IECQ-C BSI 14.0045 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1267/F Issue 7IECQ-C BSI 14.0025 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1268/F Issue 7IECQ-C BSI 14.0046 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1270/F Issue 7IECQ-C BSI 14.0047 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1271/F Issue 7IECQ-C BSI 14.0048 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1293/FIECQ-C BSI 19.0001 Issue 3Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1294/FIECQ-C BSI 19.0002 Issue 3Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1295/FIECQ-C BSI 19.0003 Issue 3Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1296/FIECQ-C BSI 19.0004 Issue 3Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1163/F Issue 8IECQ-C BSI 14.0040 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1164/F Issue 8IECQ-C BSI 14.0041 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1165/F Issue 9IECQ-C BSI 14.0042 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
E1166/F Issue 9IECQ-C BSI 14.0043 Issue 4Welwyn Components Lt... (United Kingdom)2020-10-16Current
D2009 IECQ Issue 18IECQ-P BSI 14.0013 Issue 7TTI Inc (Germany)2020-10-02Current
D2009-2 IECQ Issue 20IECQ-P BSI 14.0013-02 Issue 9TTI Inc (United Kingdom)2020-10-02Current
M1011 IECQ Issue 8IECQ-P BSI 14.0014 Issue 3Souriau Sarthe (France)2020-09-25Current
M1011-1 IECQIECQ-P BSI 14.0014-01 Issue 3SOURIAU Morocco (Morocco)2020-09-25Current
E1265/F Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0049 Issue 3Souriau Sarthe (France)2020-09-25Current
M1001-1 IECQIECQ-P BSI 14.0012-01 Issue 3TT Electronics Limit... (Barbados)2020-06-26Cancelled
M1001-2 IECQIECQ-P BSI 14.0012-02 Issue 3UniOhm Electronics I... (China)2020-06-26Cancelled
M1001-3 IECQIECQ-P BSI 14.0012-03 Issue 3Precision Electronic... (India)2020-06-26Cancelled
M1043-4 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0009-03 Issue 4Gusu Electronics (Su... (China)2020-02-21Current
E1290/FIECQ-C BSI 14.0019 Issue 6 Knowles Electronics... (China)2020-02-21Current
E1216/F Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0005 Issue 3Charcroft Electronic... (United Kingdom)2020-01-07Current
E1217/F Issue 10IECQ-C BSI 14.0006 Issue 3Charcroft Electronic... (United Kingdom)2020-01-07Current
E1276/F Issue 5IECQ-C BSI 14.0002 Issue 3Charcroft Electronic... (United Kingdom)2020-01-07Cancelled
E1277/F Issue 4IECQ-C BSI 14.0003 Issue 3Charcroft Electronic... (United Kingdom)2020-01-07Cancelled
E1279/F Issue 4IECQ-C BSI 14.0004 Issue 3Charcroft Electronic... (United Kingdom)2020-01-07Cancelled
M1043 IECQ Issue 9IECQ-P BSI 13.0009 Issue 5Knowles (UK) Ltd (United Kingdom)2020-01-03Current
M1043-1 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0009-01 Issue 6Knowles Electronics ... (China)2020-01-03Current
M1043-2 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0009-02 Issue 4Knowles IPC (M) Sdn ... (Malaysia)2020-01-03Current
D599299 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0003 Issue 4Distributed Micro Te... (United Kingdom)2019-12-09Current
D2014 IECQ Issue 15IECQ-P BSI 13.0007 Issue 7Arrow Electronics (U... (United Kingdom)2019-10-08Current
D2014-1 IECQ Issue 14IECQ-P BSI 13.0007-01 Issue 6B.V. Arrow Electroni... (Netherlands)2019-10-08Current
D2014-2 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0007-02 Issue 7Arrow Electronics (U... (United Kingdom)2019-10-08Current
D2014-3 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0007-03 Issue 6Arrow Electronics (U... (United Kingdom)2019-10-08Current
D2014-5 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0007-05 Issue 5Arrow Electronical C... (Germany)2019-10-08Current
M1058 IECQ Issue 8IECQ-P BSI 13.0004 Issue 3AVX Czech Republic S... (Czech Republic)2019-08-15Current
E1058/F Issue 7IECQ-C BSI 13.0004 Issue 3AVX Czech Republic S... (Czech Republic)2019-08-15Current
E1228/F Issue 6IECQ-C BSI 13.0005 Issue 3AVX Czech Republic S... (Czech Republic)2019-08-15Current
D2015 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-P BSI 13.0001 Issue 3Apem Components Limi... (United Kingdom)2019-06-20Current
M1014 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-P BSI 15.0009 Issue 2Graphic Plc (United Kingdom)2018-11-09Cancelled
028/ICA Issue 4IECQ-C BSI 15.0012 Issue 2Graphic Plc (United Kingdom)2018-11-09Cancelled
E039/CA Issue 12IECQ-C BSI 15.0002 Issue 3Graphic Plc (United Kingdom)2018-11-09Cancelled
M1046-1 IECQIECQ-P BSI 15.0006-01 Issue 3AVX Czech Republic, ... (Czech Republic)2018-10-31Current
M1072 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-P BSI 15.0005 Issue 3AVX Corpration, AVX ... (El Salvador)2018-10-05Current
E1256/F Issue 6IECQ-C BSI 15.0003 Issue 3AVX Corporation, AVX... (El Salvador)2018-10-05Current
C580610 IECQIECQ-C BSI 12.0001 Issue 3Pan Overseas (Guangz... (China)2018-10-05Current
D2017 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-P BSI 14.0003 Issue 3Anglia Components Li... (United Kingdom)2018-10-01Cancelled
C640286 IECQIECQ-C BSI 15.0011 Issue 2ECC Corporation (United States of America)2018-09-11Suspended
E0271/F Issue 8IECQ-C BSI 15.0004 Issue 2AVX Limited (United Kingdom)2018-08-28Current
E0274/F Issue 8IECQ-C BSI 15.0005 Issue 2AVX Limited (United Kingdom)2018-08-28Current
E0522/N Issue 7IECQ-C BSI 15.0007 Issue 2AVX Limited (United Kingdom)2018-08-28Current
M698956 IECQIECQ-C BSI 18.0002 Issue 1Avio Excelente S.De ... (Mexico)2018-08-28Current
M1046 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-P BSI 15.0006 Issue 2AVX Limited (United Kingdom)2018-08-28Current
D2019 IECQIECQ-P BSI 11.0003 Issue 6APC Technology Group... (United Kingdom)2017-11-27Cancelled
E065/CA Issue 9IECQ-C BSI 14.0051 Issue 2Express Circuits Lim... (United Kingdom)2017-11-08Cancelled
M1077 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-P BSI 13.0002 Issue 3ISOCOM Limited (United Kingdom)2017-11-02Cancelled
E1280/F Issue 4IECQ-C BSI 14.0009 Issue 3ISOCOM Limited (United Kingdom)2017-11-02Cancelled
M1052 IECQ Issue 7IECQ-P BSI 14.0015 Issue 2ZOT Engineering Ltd (United Kingdom)2017-10-18Cancelled
E086/CA Issue 8IECQ-C BSI 14.0050 Issue 2ZOT Engineering Ltd (United Kingdom)2017-10-18Cancelled
M1016 IECQ Issue 6IECQ-P BSI 14.0017 Issue 2Harwin Plc (United Kingdom)2017-10-05Cancelled
D2009-1 IECQ Issue 14IECQ-P BSI 14.0013-01 Issue 3TTI Inc (United Kingdom)2017-08-10Cancelled
M1076 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-P BSI 14.0007 Issue 2Martec Limited (United Kingdom)2017-02-27Cancelled
E1281/F Issue 5IECQ-C BSI 13.0006 Issue 3Knowles (UK) Ltd (United Kingdom)2017-02-02Cancelled
M1082 IECQ Issue 3IECQ-P BSI 13.0006 Issue 2Merlin Flex Ltd (United Kingdom)2016-11-24Cancelled
E091/CA Issue 3IECQ-C BSI 13.0003 Issue 2Merlin Flex Ltd (United Kingdom)2016-11-24Cancelled
D2014-4 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0007-04 Issue 4Arrow Electronics (U... (United Kingdom)2016-10-31Cancelled
E093/CA Issue 4IECQ-C BSI 14.0008 Issue 3GSPK Circuits Limite... (United Kingdom)2016-04-26Cancelled
M1084 IECQ Issue 4IECQ-P BSI 14.0004 Issue 3GSPK Circuits Limite... (United Kingdom)2015-12-16Cancelled
M1046-2 IECQIECQ-P BSI 15.0006-02 Issue 1Avio Excelente S.De ... (Mexico)2015-09-01Cancelled
M1046-3 IECQIECQ-P BSI 15.0006-03 Issue 1AVX Corporation, AVX... (El Salvador)2015-09-01Cancelled
M1019 IECQ Issue 8IECQ-P BSI 14.0005 Issue 2Amphenol Invotec Lim... (United Kingdom)2015-07-14Cancelled
E015/CA Issue 17IECQ-C BSI 14.0010 Issue 2Amphenol Invotec Lim... (United Kingdom)2015-07-14Cancelled
M1081 IECQ Issue 5IECQ-P BSI 14.0008 Issue 2Amphenol Invotec Lim... (United Kingdom)2015-07-14Cancelled
E090/CA Issue 3IECQ-C BSI 14.0012 Issue 2Amphenol Invotec Lim... (United Kingdom)2015-07-14Cancelled
M1084-1 IECQIECQ-P BSI 14.0004-01 Issue 2GSPK Circuits Limite... (United Kingdom)2015-05-01Cancelled
D2008 IECQ Issue 10IECQ-P BSI 14.0006 Issue 2Acal BFi UK Limited (United Kingdom)2015-02-01Cancelled
D2008-1 IECQIECQ-P BSI 14.0006-01 Issue 2Acal BFi Germany Gmb... (Germany)2015-02-01Cancelled
D2008-2 IECQIECQ-P BSI 14.0006-02 Issue 2Acal BFi UK Limited (United Kingdom)2015-02-01Cancelled
P4001 IECQ Issue 8IECQ-P BSI 14.0009 Issue 2Acal BFi UK Limited (United Kingdom)2015-02-01Cancelled
E068/CA Issue 11IECQ-C BSI 14.0011 Issue 2API Microelectronics... (United Kingdom)2015-02-01Cancelled
E1289/NIECQ-C BSI 14.0016 Issue 2Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2014-07-14Cancelled
E1288/NIECQ-C BSI 14.0014 Issue 2Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2014-07-14Cancelled
E1287/NIECQ-C BSI 14.0015 Issue 2Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2014-07-14Cancelled
E1286/NIECQ-C BSI 14.0013 Issue 2Welwyn Components Li... (United Kingdom)2014-07-14Cancelled
M1001-4 IECQIECQ-P BSI 14.0012-04 Issue 1AB Electronics (Suzh... (China)2014-07-14Cancelled
M1043-3 IECQIECQ-P BSI 13.0009-04 Issue 1Suzhou City Gusu Pla... (China)2014-07-10Cancelled
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