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IEC System for Quality Assessment for Electronic Component (IECQ System)
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Component CodeCB Certificate No.Issue DateCB/NAIStatusManufacturer Name (Location)
Show details for AVIAVI4
Show details for CAPCAP197
Show details for CMACMA1
Hide details for CONCON43
14Show details for CON - connectorsCON - connectors
1Show details for CON - connectorsSWI KEYDU - switches, keyboard - Certificate Cancelled at request of Organization; effective dCON - connectorsSWI KEYDU - switches, keyboard - Certificate Cancelled at request of Organization; effective date 2008-12-20
10Hide details for CON CIRCU - connectors, circularCON CIRCU - connectors, circular
M1070 IECQ01/08/2012BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledAB Connectors Limited
M1067 IECQ19/03/2010BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledITW Switches, A Division of IT...
M1022 IECQ12/12/2012BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledITT Industries Limited
M1004 IECQ01/05/2012BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledAmphenol Limited
M1000 IECQ03/06/2011BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledWeald Electronics Limited
E1257/F04/08/2010BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledITT Industries Limited
E1240/F14/02/2005BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledAmphenol Limited
E1200/F13/10/2010BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledWeald Electronics Limited
E1180/F13/10/2004BSI (United Kingdom)CancelledWeald Electronics Limited
1747/F Issue 609/03/2012BSI (UNITED KINGDOM)CancelledAmphenol Limited
3Show details for CON COACU - connectors, cable outlet accessoriesCON COACU - connectors, cable outlet accessories
2Show details for CON COAXU - connectors, coaxialCON COAXU - connectors, coaxial
2Show details for CON OPTOU - connectors, optical fibres and cablesCON OPTOU - connectors, optical fibres and cables
9Show details for CON PWBDU - connectors, printed wiring boardCON PWBDU - connectors, printed wiring board
2Show details for CON RECTU - connectors, rectangularCON RECTU - connectors, rectangular
Show details for CORCOR10
Show details for DSCDSC69
Show details for FIPFIP6
Show details for ICIICI32
Show details for LCDLCD6
Show details for POTPOT15
Show details for PWBPWB89
Show details for QCUQCU4
Show details for RELREL53
Show details for RESRES117
Show details for SWISWI25
Show details for THETHE7
Show details for TUBTUB1
Show details for VARVAR18

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