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CBCertificate no.IECQ Certificate No.Company nameIssue DateStatusFormUsed
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0015/H (Rev. 5)IECQ-H CEP 10.0005-01 Issue 5HUIZHOU GAOSHENGDA PRECIS...2022/04/16Current6.3.1
0015/H (Rev. 8)IECQ-H CEP 10.0005 Issue 8HUIZHOU SHENGHUA INDUSTRY...2022/04/16Current6.3.2
0027/H (Rev. 5)IECQ-H CEP 10.0015 Issue 5DONGGUAN TSUNEJYI PLASTIC...2022/06/08Current6.3.3
0040/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 10.0023-02 Issue 4XIAMEN HONGFA ELECTROACOU...2022/07/14Current6.3.4
0040/H (Rev. 5)IECQ-H CEP 10.0023-03 Issue 5ZHANGZHOU HONGFA ELECTROA...2022/07/14Current6.3.5
0044/H (Rev. 5)IECQ-H CEP 13.0008 Issue 5FOSHAN WELLWAY ELECTRIC A...2022/07/06Current6.3.6
0046/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 13.0009-01 Issue 2SHENZHEN EVERWIN PRECISIO...2022/07/29Cancelled6.3.7
0046/H (Rev. 6)IECQ-H CEP 13.0009 Issue 6SHENZHEN EVERWIN PRECISIO...2022/09/09Current6.3.8
0054/H (Rev. 5)IECQ-H CEP 10.0037 Issue 5YUEQING LONGWEI ELECTRONI...2022/11/16Current6.3.9
0057/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 13.0011-01 Issue 2DEE VAN TECHNOLOGY (LONGC...2022/08/24Current6.3.10
0057/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 13.0011 Issue 4DEE VAN ELECTRONICS (LONG...2022/08/24Current6.3.11
0061/H (Rev. 8)IECQ-H CEP 11.0008 Issue 8JIANGSU XINSHUN MICROELEC...2022/05/10Current6.3.12
0083/H (Rev. 5)IECQ-H CEP 10.0028 Issue 5DONG GUAN ARAI CO., LTD.2022/10/12Current6.3.13
0092/H (Rev. 6)IECQ-H CEP 10.0008 Issue 6XINRUILIAN ELECTRONICS (Z...2022/06/17Current6.3.14
0093/H (Rev. 6)IECQ-H CEP 10.0009 Issue 6SHENZHEN PAK HENG ELECTRO...2022/04/02Current6.3.15
0098/H (Rev. 7)IECQ-H CEP 10.0032 Issue 7FUJICON ELECTRONICS TECHN...2022/12/08Current6.3.16
0101/H (Rev. 9)IECQ-H CEP 10.0035 Issue 9PLASTIC FACTORY OF TCL KI...2022/12/15Current6.3.17
0134/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 13.0003 Issue 4TECHIGH CIRCUIT TECHNOLOG...2022/02/15Current6.3.18
0135/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 13.0004-01 Issue 2SUZHOU SINGATRON AUTOMOBI...2022/02/21Current6.3.19
0135/H (Rev. 5)IECQ-H CEP 13.0004 Issue 5SINGATRON ELECTRONIC (CHI...2022/02/21Current6.3.20
0139/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 13.0013-01 Issue 3HEYUAN HUNTKEY INDUSTRIAL...2022/09/08Current6.3.21
0139/H (Rev. 8)IECQ-H CEP 13.0013 Issue 8HEYUAN YONGJIA INDUSTRY C...2022/09/08Current6.3.22
0161/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 18.0008 Issue 4BEIJING JULI SCIENCE TECH...2022/09/20Current6.3.23
0166/H (Rev. 5)IECQ-H CEP 16.0001 Issue 5SHENZHEN JINGQUANHUA ELEC...2022/01/28Current6.3.24
0169/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 16.0004 Issue 4ADDA ELECTRIC MACHINERY T...2022/03/07Current6.3.25
0170/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 16.0005 Issue 3HUIZHOU JIARUNMAO TECHNOL...2022/04/29Cancelled6.3.26
0171/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 16.0006 Issue 3SUZHOU VICO MATERIAL TECH...2022/05/05Current6.3.27
0173/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 16.0008 Issue 4HUIZHOU SHENGHUA TECHNOLO...2022/06/10Current6.3.28
0175/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 16.0010 Issue 3DONGGUAN TAICON ELECTRONI...2022/07/20Current6.3.29
0176/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 16.0011 Issue 4HANGZHOU DPTECH TECHNOLOG...2022/09/14Current6.3.30
0195/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 18.0014 Issue 4XIAMEN HONGFA SIGNAL ELEC...2022/11/16Current6.3.31
0198/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 18.0017 Issue 4CHONGQING UNICATION ELECT...2022/07/08Current6.3.32
0199/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 19.0001-01 Issue 2GUANGZHOU SANFU NEW MATER...2022/01/28Cancelled6.3.33
0200/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 19.0002 Issue 2ZIBO MICRO COMMERCIAL COM...2022/03/28Current6.3.34
0206/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 19.0008 Issue 3SHANDONG JINCHAO NEW BUIL...2022/10/31Current6.3.35
0210/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 19.0012-01 Issue 2GUANGDONG OPPO MOBILE TEL...2022/02/25Cancelled6.3.36
0212/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 20.0002 Issue 3ZHEJIANG DONGYANG DMEGC C...2022/08/05Current6.3.37
0214/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 20.0004 Issue 3CETC DEQING HUAYING ELECT...2022/07/08Current6.3.38
0214/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 20.0004-01 Issue 3CETC DEQING HUAYING ELECT...2022/07/08Current6.3.39
0215/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 20.0005-03 Issue 3SHENZHEN CHINO-E COMMUNIC...2022/02/28Suspended6.3.40
0215/H (Rev. 3)IECQ-H CEP 20.0005 Issue 3SHENZHEN CHINO-E COMMUNIC...2022/02/18Suspended6.3.41
0215/H (Rev. 4)IECQ-H CEP 20.0005-01 Issue 4GUANGDONG ENOK COMMUNICAT...2022/02/28Suspended6.3.42
0219/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 20.0009 Issue 2DONGGUAN NEW AMERIOCEAN T...2022/12/16Current6.3.43
0230/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 20.0020 Issue 2HONGFUJIN PRECISION ELECT...2022/11/09Current6.3.44
0252/HIECQ-H CEP 21.0011-01 Issue 1TONGDA (SHISHI) TECHNOLOG...2022/08/31Cancelled6.3.45
0252/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 21.0011 Issue 2TONGDA (SHISHI) TECHNOLOG...2022/08/31Cancelled6.3.46
0255/HIECQ-H CEP 21.0014-01 Issue 1SHENZHEN BITLAND INFORMAT...2022/12/02Current6.3.47
0255/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 21.0014 Issue 2SHENZHEN BITLAND INFORMAT...2022/12/02Current6.3.48
0257/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 21.0016-01 Issue 2HEFEI SHENGDA ELECTRONICS...2022/08/25Current6.3.49
0266/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 21.0025 Issue 2LITEON-IT OPTO TECH (BH) ...2022/03/04Suspended6.3.50
0270/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0001 Issue 1GRG INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOG...2022/01/04Current6.3.51
0271/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0002 Issue 1SICHUAN SHANGTE TECHNOLOG...2022/01/16Current6.3.52
0272/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 22.0003 Issue 2GUANGZHOU ZHIYUAN ELECTRO...2022/09/26Current6.3.53
0272/H (Rev. 2)IECQ-H CEP 22.0003-01 Issue 2GUANGZHOU ZHIYUAN ELECTRO...2022/09/26Current6.3.54
0273/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0004 Issue 1SHENZHEN EUBO NEW MATERIA...2022/01/25Current6.3.55
0276/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0007 Issue 1GUANGDONG HUAZHUANG TECHN...2022/02/28Current6.3.56
0276/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0007-01 Issue 1GUANGDONG HUAZHUANG TECHN...2022/02/28Current6.3.57
0278/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0009 Issue 1BEIJING YUANLIU HONGYUAN ...2022/03/10Current6.3.58
0279/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0010 Issue 1YOVA MICROELECTRO-MACHANI...2022/03/21Current6.3.59
0280/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0011 Issue 1SOUTHWEST INSTITUTE OF AP...2022/03/21Current6.3.60
0281/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0012 Issue 1GUANGDONG EDLCON NEW ENER...2022/03/27Cancelled6.3.61
0282/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0013 Issue 1ZHAOQING BERYL ELECTRONIC...2022/03/30Current6.3.62
0283/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0014 Issue 1GUANGZHOU CHIEF TECH ELEC...2022/05/25Current6.3.63
0283/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0014-01 Issue 1NTK (GUANGZHOU) TECHNOLOG...2022/05/25Current6.3.64
0285/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0016 Issue 1CHANGSHU SWITCHGEAR MFG. ...2022/06/20Current6.3.65
0285/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0016-01 Issue 1CHANGSHU SWITCHGEAR MFG. ...2022/06/20Current6.3.66
0287/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0018-01 Issue 1SHENZHEN CREATEK INTELLIT...2022/07/07Current6.3.67
0289/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0020 Issue 1ZHEJIANG ZHENYOU ELECTRON...2022/07/14Current6.3.68
0290/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0021 Issue 1HEYUAN CITY HAOJIDA COMMU...2022/07/26Current6.3.69
0291/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0022 Issue 1HANGZHOU RIYUE ELECTRONIC...2022/08/22Current6.3.70
0292/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0023 Issue 1SHENZHEN TINNO MOBILE TEC...2022/08/30Current6.3.71
0293/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0024 Issue 1YINAN DON'S ELECTRONIC CO...2022/09/15Current6.3.72
0293/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0024-01 Issue 1SHANDONG TONGFANG LUYING ...2022/09/15Current6.3.73
0294/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0025 Issue 1DONGGUAN CITY DONGYANGGUA...2022/09/26Current6.3.74
0295/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0026 Issue 1HUIZHOU SANHUA INDUSTRIAL...2022/10/21Current6.3.75
0297/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0028 Issue 1TAIZHOU HAITIAN ELECTRONI...2022/11/29Current6.3.76
0298/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0029 Issue 1GUANGDONG MIKWAVE COMMUNI...2022/12/02Current6.3.77
0299/HIECQ-H CEP 22.0030 Issue 1SHAOGUAN FSD-CON ELECTRON...2022/12/07Current6.3.78
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