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IEC System for Quality Assessment for Electronic Component (IECQ System)
ManufacturerCB Certificate No. (IECQ Certificate No.)CB/NAIIssue Date
2Show details for AB Connectors LimitedAB Connectors Limited
1Show details for AB Connectors Limited AB Connectors Limited
1Show details for Abtest LimitedAbtest Limited
1Show details for Acal BFi UK LimitedAcal BFi UK Limited
6Show details for Amphenol LimitedAmphenol Limited
1Show details for API Microelectronics LimitedAPI Microelectronics Limited
8Show details for Arcotronics LimitedArcotronics Limited
2Show details for Artetch Circuits LimitedArtetch Circuits Limited
1Show details for Astra Circuits LimitedAstra Circuits Limited
1Show details for Avnet EMGAvnet EMG
2Show details for AVX Limited, ColeraineAVX Limited, Coleraine
4Show details for AVX Limited, Tantalum DivisionAVX Limited, Tantalum Division
2Show details for AVX Limited, Tantalum Division AVX Limited, Tantalum Division
2Show details for BHK (Circuits) LimitedBHK (Circuits) Limited
1Show details for Bookham Technology PlcBookham Technology Plc
2Show details for CC Electronics Europe LimitedCC Electronics Europe Limited
1Show details for Channel Electric Equipment LtdChannel Electric Equipment Ltd
1Show details for Cinch Connectors LimitedCinch Connectors Limited
3Show details for Circast Electronics LimitedCircast Electronics Limited
1Show details for Compstock Electronics LtdCompstock Electronics Ltd
2Show details for D J Circuits LimitedD J Circuits Limited
1Show details for DDi Marlow LtdDDi Marlow Ltd
1Show details for Environmental Test Services LimitedEnvironmental Test Services Limited
2Show details for eXception PCB LimitedeXception PCB Limited
2Show details for Flex-Ability LimitedFlex-Ability Limited
3Show details for Flexible Technology LimitedFlexible Technology Limited
1Show details for Flint Distribution LimitedFlint Distribution Limited
4Show details for Glenair UK LimitedGlenair UK Limited
2Show details for GSPK Circuits LimitedGSPK Circuits Limited
2Show details for Invotec Circuits Blackburn LimitedInvotec Circuits Blackburn Limited
2Show details for Irlandus Circuits LtdIrlandus Circuits Ltd
2Show details for ITT Industries LimitedITT Industries Limited
1Show details for ITW Switches, A Division of ITW LimitedITW Switches, A Division of ITW Limited
2Show details for Kelan Circuits LimitedKelan Circuits Limited
2Show details for Leicester Circuits (UK) LimitedLeicester Circuits (UK) Limited
2Show details for Lormay LimitedLormay Limited
2Show details for Lyncolec LimitedLyncolec Limited
2Show details for Merlin Artetch LimitedMerlin Artetch Limited
3Show details for Merlin Circuit Technology LtdMerlin Circuit Technology Ltd
1Show details for Mintech Semiconductors LtdMintech Semiconductors Ltd
1Show details for Oxley Developments Company LtdOxley Developments Company Ltd
1Show details for Pattonair LimitedPattonair Limited
2Show details for Photomechanical Services (Essex) LtdPhotomechanical Services (Essex) Ltd
1Show details for Premier Farnell (UK) LtdPremier Farnell (UK) Ltd
2Show details for Printech Circuit Laboratories LimitedPrintech Circuit Laboratories Limited
1Show details for Rakon UK LimitedRakon UK Limited
3Show details for SELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems LtdSELEX Sensors and Airborne Systems Ltd
1Show details for Semelab LimitedSemelab Limited
53Show details for Semelab PlcSemelab Plc
1Show details for Semelab Plc Semelab Plc
1Show details for Spartan Europe LimitedSpartan Europe Limited
2Show details for Stevenage Circuits LimitedStevenage Circuits Limited
5Show details for Syfer Technology Ltd Syfer Technology Ltd
2Show details for Teknoflex LimitedTeknoflex Limited
13Show details for Tyco Electronics UK LtdTyco Electronics UK Ltd
3Show details for Weald Electronics LimitedWeald Electronics Limited
21Show details for Welwyn Components LimitedWelwyn Components Limited

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