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IEC Quality Assessment System (IECQ)
CB Certificate No.IECQ Certificate No.Company NameIssue DateStatus
01-L-89 Is.15IECQ-L LCIE 09.0002 Issue 52021-07-21Cancelled
01-L-96 Is. 12IECQ-L LCIE 09.0003 Issue 32011-10-01Cancelled
94-004C-IECQ LCIE 07.0001 Issue 5CIRETEC (France)2007-02-17Cancelled
91-047C-IECQ LCIE 06.0001 Issue 5NICOSOFRA (France)2006-04-24Cancelled
02-D-95D-IECQ LCIE 07.0006 Issue 8DIRECT SAS (France)2012-07-29Cancelled
02-D-92D-IECQ LCIE 07.0003 Issue 10DEL La Distribution ... (France)2010-12-20Cancelled
01-D-00D-IECQ LCIE 07.0004 Issue 7WILLIAMSON ELECTRONI... (France)2010-07-21Cancelled
02-D-95D-IECQ LCIE 07.0006 Issue 7DIRECT SAS (France)2009-07-29Cancelled
01-D-05D-IECQ LCIE 07.0010 Issue 4PRINCELEC (France)2008-10-29Cancelled
03-D-92D-IECQ LCIE 07.0005 Issue 10COPEL (France)2007-03-22Cancelled
01-D-01D-IECQ LCIE 07.0008 Issue 6MILMEGA (France)2007-03-22Cancelled
01-D-99D-IECQ LCIE 07.0007 Issue 5LCEP (France)2007-03-22Cancelled
03-D-97D-IECQ LCIE 07.0009 Issue 8QUALISUD (France)2007-03-22Cancelled
01-D-05D-IECQ LCIE 07.0010 Issue 2PRINCELEC (France)2007-03-22Cancelled
01-D-00D-IECQ LCIE 07.0001 Issue 5WILLIAMSON ELECTRONI... (France)2006-11-30Cancelled
03-D-97D-IECQ LCIE 07.0002 Issue 7QUALISUD (France)2006-10-05Cancelled
01-D-01D-IECQ LCIE 06.0004 Issue 5MILMEGA (France)2006-10-03Cancelled
03-D-92D-IECQ LCIE 06.0005 Issue 9COPEL (France)2006-10-02Cancelled
02-D-95D-IECQ LCIE 06.0003 Issue 5DIRECT (France)2006-07-28Cancelled
01-D-01D-IECQ LCIE 06.0002 Issue 4MILMEGA (France)2006-02-17Cancelled
01-D-05D-IECQ LCIE 06.0001 Issue 1PRINCELEC (France)2005-12-15Cancelled
03-D-93D-IECQ LCIE 05.0007 Issue 7C E L (France)2005-06-07Cancelled
02-D-92D-IECQ LCIE 05.0009 Issue 7DEL La Distribution ... (France)2005-06-07Cancelled
03-D-97D-IECQ LCIE 05.0010 Issue 6QUALISUD (France)2005-06-07Cancelled
01-D-04D-IECQ LCIE 05.0011 Issue 2GIOUX-ADRET (France)2005-04-25Cancelled
03-D-92D-IECQ LCIE 05.0012 Issue 8COPEL (France)2005-04-21Cancelled
01-D-99D-IECQ LCIE 05.0001 Issue 4L.C.E.P. (France)2005-01-26Cancelled
01-D-01D-IECQ LCIE 05.0013 Issue 3MILMEGA (France)2004-12-10Cancelled
02-D-00D-IECQ LCIE 05.0002 Issue 4DELTRON FRANCE (France)2004-10-25Cancelled
01-D-04D-IECQ LCIE 05.0003 Issue 1GIOUX ADRET (France)2004-06-14Cancelled
02-D-97D-IECQ LCIE 05.0004 Issue 7STOCK'N SOURCE (France)2004-04-09Cancelled
02-D-95D-IECQ LCIE 05.0005 Issue 4DIRECT (France)2004-03-12Cancelled
03-D-92D-IECQ LCIE 05.0008 Issue 7COPEL (France)2003-12-16Cancelled
01-D-00D-IECQ LCIE 05.0006 Issue 4WILLIAMSON ELECTRONI... (France)2003-12-16Cancelled
01-L-89L-IECQ LCIE 05.0004 Issue 10RADIALL S.A. Laborat... (France)2008-12-07Cancelled
01-L-96L-IECQ LCIE 07.0001 Issue 9AT4 WIRELESS (Spain)2008-06-02Cancelled
01-L-96L-IECQ LCIE 07.0001 Issue 8AT4 WIRELESS (Spain)2007-06-11Cancelled
01-L-94L-IECQ LCIE 06.0001 Issue 9LABORATOIRE CENTRAL ... (France)2006-02-13Cancelled
01-L-96L-IECQ LCIE 05.0003 Issue 7CETECOM (Spain)2005-07-04Cancelled
01-L-94L-IECQ LCIE 05.0001 Issue 8L.C.E. of SOURIAU (France)2004-11-17Cancelled
01-L-89L-IECQ LCIE 05.0002 Issue 8L.C.E. DE RADIALL (France)2002-10-23Cancelled
001-08M-IECQ LCIE 08.0002 Issue 2TPC Division AVX (France)2011-02-27Cancelled
008-95M-IECQ LCIE 08.0001 Issue 9APEM (France)2011-02-04Cancelled
001-06M-IECQ LCIE 07.0029 Issue 6SRT MICROCERAMIQUE (France)2010-12-06Cancelled
004-94M-IECQ LCIE 07.0026 Issue 10VISHAY PRECISION GRO... (Israel)2010-09-16Cancelled
001-97M-IECQ LCIE 07.0027 Issue 10VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd (Israel)2010-09-16Cancelled
004-03M-IECQ LCIE 07.0020 Issue 5VISHAY ELECTRONICS S... (Czech Republic)2010-04-07Cancelled
009-92M-IECQ LCIE 07.0018 Issue 10VISHAY SA Division S... (France)2010-04-07Cancelled
013-92M-IECQ LCIE 07.0006 Issue 9CIRETEC (France)2010-01-30Cancelled
001-96M-IECQ LCIE 07.0010 Issue 10EUROFARAD (France)2009-12-15Cancelled
005-96M-IECQ LCIE 07.0011 Issue 10EUROFARAD (France)2009-12-15Cancelled
001-02M-IECQ LCIE 07.0022 Issue 6VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2009-11-09Cancelled
031-92 iss.11M-IECQ LCIE 07.0016 Issue 11STPI (France)2009-09-28Cancelled
015-93M-IECQ LCIE 06.0008 Issue 12FIRADEC (France)2009-05-14Cancelled
015-93M-IECQ LCIE 07.0028 Issue 11FIRADEC (France)2007-12-07Cancelled
001-94M-IECQ LCIE 07.0025 Issue 10CONDENSATEURS SIC-SA... (France)2007-06-11Cancelled
008-95M-IECQ LCIE 07.0024 Issue 7APEM (France)2007-03-14Cancelled
004-94M-IECQ LCIE 07.0021 Issue 8VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd. (Israel)2007-03-14Cancelled
015-93M-IECQ LCIE 07.0012 Issue 10FIRADEC (France)2007-03-14Cancelled
001-03M-IECQ LCIE 07.0023 Issue 6CHIPIDEA MICROELECTR... (Portugal)2007-03-14Cancelled
001-94M-IECQ LCIE 07.0008 Issue 9CONDENSATEURS SIC SA... (France)2007-03-14Cancelled
008-89M-IECQ LCIE 07.0014 Issue 9NICOSOFRA (France)2007-03-14Cancelled
001-06M-IECQ LCIE 07.0015 Issue 3SRT Microcéramique (France)2007-03-14Cancelled
001-07M-IECQ LCIE 07.0007 Issue 1AZNIUM (France)2007-02-08Cancelled
001-97M-IECQ LCIE 07.0005 Issue 8VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd (Israel)2006-12-16Cancelled
005-96M-IECQ LCIE 07.0004 Issue 8EUROFARAD (France)2006-12-15Cancelled
001-96M-IECQ LCIE 07.0003 Issue 8EUROFARAD S.A.S. (France)2006-12-15Cancelled
001-02M-IECQ LCIE 07.0001 Issue 4VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2006-11-10Cancelled
008-89M-IECQ LCIE 06.0010 Issue 8NICOSOFRA (France)2006-10-05Cancelled
004-94M-IECQ LCIE 06.0009 Issue 7VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd (Israel)2006-10-02Cancelled
031-92M-IECQ LCIE 07.0002 Issue 9STPI (France)2006-09-19Cancelled
001-06M-IECQ LCIE 06.0006 Issue 2SRT MICROCERAMIQUE (France)2006-08-28Cancelled
001-03M-IECQ LCIE 06.0005 Issue 5CHIPIDEA MICROELECTR... (Portugal)2006-07-03Cancelled
001-94M-IECQ LCIE 06.0007 Issue 8CONDENSATEURS SIC SA... (France)2006-06-15Cancelled
015-93M-IECQ LCIE 06.0008 Issue 9FIRADEC (France)2006-05-12Cancelled
001-06M-IECQ LCIE 06.0004 Issue 1SRT MICROCERAMIQUE (France)2006-04-25Cancelled
001-99M-IECQ LCIE 06.0003 Issue 6ATMEL ROUSSET (France)2006-04-24Cancelled
001-03M-IECQ LCIE 06.0002 Issue 4CHIPIDEA MICROELECTR... (Portugal)2006-02-17Cancelled
001-99M-IECQ LCIE 06.0001 Issue 5ATMEL ROUSSET (France)2006-02-13Cancelled
002-99M-IECQ LCIE 05.0025 Issue 6VISHAY ELECTRONICS S... (Czech Republic)2005-12-15Cancelled
004-03M-IECQ LCIE 05.0026 Issue 2VISHAY ELECTRONICS S... (Czech Republic)2005-12-15Cancelled
006-93M-IECQ LCIE 05.0028 Issue 9VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2005-12-15Cancelled
009-92M-IECQ LCIE 05.0027 Issue 7VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2005-12-15Cancelled
001-02M-IECQ LCIE 05.0022 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2005-12-07Cancelled
001-03M-IECQ LCIE 05.0023 Issue 3CHIPIDEA MICROELECTR... (Portugal)2005-12-07Cancelled
001-03M-IECQ LCIE 05.0021 Issue 2CHIPIDEA MICROELECTR... (Portugal)2005-09-12Cancelled
013-92M-IECQ LCIE 05.0011 Issue 7CIRETEC (France)2005-06-07Cancelled
005-93M-IECQ LCIE 05.0020 Issue 6Compagnie Deutsch Or... (France)2005-03-04Cancelled
008-95M-IECQ LCIE 05.0005 Issue 6A P E M (France)2005-02-06Cancelled
001-97M-IECQ LCIE 05.0002 Issue 7VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd (Israel)2004-12-03Cancelled
001-96M-IECQ LCIE 04.0001 Issue 7EUROFARAD (France)2004-11-08Cancelled
002-99M-IECQ LCIE 05.0003 Issue 5VISHAY ELECTRONICS S... (Czech Republic)2004-09-24Cancelled
004-94M-IECQ LCIE 05.0004 Issue 6VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd (Israel)2004-06-20Cancelled
005-96M-IECQ LCIE 05.0007 Issue 7EUROFARAD (France)2004-02-17Cancelled
008-89M-IECQ LCIE 05.0008 Issue 7NICOSOFRA (France)2003-12-16Cancelled
031-92M-IECQ LCIE 05.0012 Issue 8S T P I (France)2003-12-16Cancelled
006-95M-IECQ LCIE 05.0013 Issue 6LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2003-12-16Cancelled
001-94M-IECQ LCIE 05.0010 Issue 7CONDENSATEURS SIC SA... (France)2003-12-16Cancelled
007-95M-IECQ LCIE 05.0014 Issue 7LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2003-12-16Cancelled
001-02M-IECQ LCIE 05.0009 Issue 2VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2003-12-16Cancelled
004-03M-IECQ LCIE 05.0006 Issue 1VISHAY ELECTRONICS S... (Czech Republic)2003-12-15Cancelled
015-93M-IECQ LCIE 05.0015 Issue 8FIRADEC (France)2003-10-17Cancelled
001-03M-IECQ LCIE 05.0018 Issue 1CHIPIDEA MICROELECTR... (Portugal)2003-07-03Cancelled
001-99M-IECQ LCIE 05.0019 Issue 4ATMEL ROUSSET (France)2003-02-13Cancelled
006-93M-IECQ LCIE 05.0017 Issue 8VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2002-12-10Cancelled
009-92M-IECQ LCIE 05.0016 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2002-12-10Cancelled
008-95M-IECQ LCIE 05.0001 Issue 5APEM (France)2002-02-07Cancelled
97-039Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0132 Issue 6VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd (Israel)2011-07-02Cancelled
95-035Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0109 Issue 8APEM (France)2011-03-02Cancelled
95-036Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0110 Issue 7APEM (France)2011-03-02Cancelled
95-038Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0112 Issue 7APEM (France)2011-03-02Cancelled
95-040Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0114 Issue 7APEM (France)2011-03-02Cancelled
95-039Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0115 Issue 7APEM (France)2011-03-02Cancelled
95-037Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0111 Issue 7APEM (France)2011-03-02Cancelled
08-001Q-IECQ LCIE 08.0013 Issue 2TPC (France)2011-02-27Cancelled
01-001Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0107 Issue 5VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2011-02-13Cancelled
93-037Q-IECQ LCIE 08.0002 Issue 9VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2010-09-02Cancelled
93-036Q-IECQ LCIE 08.0006 Issue 8VISHAY S.A DIVISION ... (France)2010-09-02Cancelled
93-053Q-IECQ LCIE 08.0004 Issue 11VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2010-09-02Cancelled
93-052Q-IECQ LCIE 08.0003 Issue 8VISAHY S.A DIVISION ... (France)2010-09-02Cancelled
93-057Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0017 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2010-08-10Cancelled
92-078Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0006 Issue 10VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2010-08-05Cancelled
95-012Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0020 Issue 8VISHAY SA Division S... (France)2010-07-02Cancelled
01-010Q-IECQ LCIE 10.0001 Issue 2VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2010-06-03Cancelled
92-081Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0086 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2010-03-23Cancelled
94-013Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0010 Issue 8VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2010-03-23Cancelled
94-018Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0012 Issue 7VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2010-03-23Cancelled
92-079Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0012 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2010-03-23Cancelled
92-082Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0021 Issue 11VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2010-03-23Cancelled
94-019Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0013 Issue 7VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2010-03-23Cancelled
94-014Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0011 Issue 8VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2010-03-23Cancelled
97-037Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0095 Issue 4VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2010-02-24Cancelled
82-032Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0005 Issue 7EUROFARAD (France)2010-02-17Cancelled
07-001Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0007 Issue 2SRT MICROCERAMIQUE (France)2010-02-01Cancelled
92-040Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0001 Issue 7STPI (France)2010-01-12Cancelled
92-041Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0002 Issue 7STPI (France)2010-01-12Cancelled
98-014Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0004 Issue 5STPI (France)2010-01-12Cancelled
98-013Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0003 Issue 5STPI (France)2010-01-12Cancelled
96-025Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0042 Issue 7EUROFARAD (France)2009-10-24Cancelled
00-007Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0043 Issue 4EUROFARAD (France)2009-10-24Cancelled
93-034Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0040 Issue 9VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd (Israel)2009-10-02Cancelled
95-010Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0041 Issue 8VISHAY ISRAEL Ltd (Israel)2009-10-02Cancelled
03-007Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0038 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2009-09-19Cancelled
03-005Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0036 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2009-09-19Cancelled
03-006Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0037 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2009-09-19Cancelled
03-004Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0035 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2009-09-19Cancelled
03-008Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0039 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2009-09-19Cancelled
97-032Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0031 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2009-08-08Cancelled
97-034Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0033 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2009-08-08Cancelled
97-030Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0029 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2009-08-08Cancelled
97-033Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0032 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2009-08-08Cancelled
97-031Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0030 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2009-08-08Cancelled
93-038Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0010 Issue 8VISHAY SA DIVISION S... (France)2009-04-26Cancelled
94-013Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0010 Issue 7VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2009-03-23Cancelled
07-002Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0021 Issue 1EUROFARAD (France)2007-10-22Cancelled
95-012Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0017 Issue 6VISHAY SA DIVISION S... (France)2007-07-04Cancelled
93-013Q-IECQ LCIE 07.0008 Issue 7EUROFARAD (France)2007-03-19Cancelled
00-004Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0044 Issue 4EUROFARAD (France)2006-10-24Cancelled
00-003Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0015 Issue 3EUROFARAD (France)2006-05-19Cancelled
00-006Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0026 Issue 3EUROFARAD (France)2006-05-19Cancelled
00-002Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0014 Issue 3EUROFARAD (France)2006-05-19Cancelled
00-005Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0016 Issue 3EUROFARAD (France)2006-05-19Cancelled
93-014Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0007 Issue 6EUROFARAD (France)2005-12-18Cancelled
82-086Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0001 Issue 5EUROFARAD (France)2005-12-10Cancelled
82-087Q-IECQ LCIE 06.0002 Issue 5EUROFARAD (France)2005-12-10Cancelled
95-021Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0119 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2005-07-29Cancelled
95-024Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0122 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2005-07-29Cancelled
93-053Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0116 Issue 9VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2005-03-14Cancelled
05-001Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0108 Issue 1FIRADEC (France)2005-03-03Cancelled
93-013Q-IECQ LCIE 04.0001 Issue 6EUROFARAD (France)2004-11-28Cancelled
94-014Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0007 Issue 5VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-10-04Cancelled
93-037Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0015 Issue 7VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-10-04Cancelled
94-019Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0008 Issue 5VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-10-04Cancelled
93-034Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0013 Issue 7VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-09-03Cancelled
93-037Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0009 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-09-03Cancelled
93-052Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0010 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-09-03Cancelled
93-036Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0014 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-09-03Cancelled
95-010Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0016 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-09-03Cancelled
93-053Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0011 Issue 8VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-09-03Cancelled
95-012Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0022 Issue 5VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-07-04Cancelled
94-013Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0023 Issue 5VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-03-22Cancelled
94-018Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0024 Issue 4VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-03-22Cancelled
94-004Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0026 Issue 4CIRETEC (France)2004-02-17Cancelled
82-032Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0025 Issue 4EUROFARAD (France)2004-02-17Cancelled
92-078Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0031 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2004-01-19Cancelled
98-013Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0029 Issue 3S T P I (France)2004-01-12Cancelled
98-014Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0030 Issue 3S T P I (France)2004-01-12Cancelled
92-041Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0028 Issue 5S T P I (France)2004-01-12Cancelled
92-040Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0027 Issue 5S T P I (France)2004-01-12Cancelled
96-025Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0042 Issue 5EUROFARAD (France)2003-10-24Cancelled
00-007Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0041 Issue 2EUROFARAD (France)2003-10-24Cancelled
00-004Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0040 Issue 3EUROFARAD (France)2003-10-24Cancelled
03-005Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0082 Issue 1TANSITOR ELECTRONICS... (United States of America)2003-09-19Cancelled
03-006Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0083 Issue 1TANSITOR ELECTRONICS... (United States of America)2003-09-19Cancelled
03-004Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0081 Issue 1TANSITOR ELECTRONICS... (United States of America)2003-09-19Cancelled
03-008Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0085 Issue 1TANSITOR ELECTRONICS... (United States of America)2003-09-19Cancelled
03-007Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0084 Issue 1TANSITOR ELECTRONICS... (United States of America)2003-09-19Cancelled
97-032Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0078 Issue 3LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2003-08-09Cancelled
97-031Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0077 Issue 3LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2003-08-09Cancelled
97-030Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0076 Issue 3LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2003-08-09Cancelled
97-033Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0079 Issue 3LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2003-08-09Cancelled
97-034Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0080 Issue 3LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2003-08-09Cancelled
97-025Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0052 Issue 4FIRADEC (France)2003-07-09Cancelled
00-001Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0061 Issue 2FIRADEC (France)2003-06-06Cancelled
97-012Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0060 Issue 3FIRADEC (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
97-016Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0057 Issue 3FIRADEC (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
97-017Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0056 Issue 3FIRADEC (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
00-002Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0032 Issue 2EUROFARAD (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
00-005Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0034 Issue 2EUROFARAD (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
89-035Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0053 Issue 5FIRADEC (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
97-015Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0058 Issue 3FIRADEC (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
97-019Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0054 Issue 3FIRADEC (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
97-014Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0059 Issue 3FIRADEC (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
97-018Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0055 Issue 3FIRADEC (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
00-006Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0035 Issue 2EUROFARAD (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
00-003Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0033 Issue 2EUROFARAD (France)2003-05-19Cancelled
93-034Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0089 Issue 5VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2003-04-26Cancelled
93-049Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0091 Issue 4VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2003-04-26Cancelled
93-038Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0090 Issue 6VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2003-04-26Cancelled
93-033Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0088 Issue 4VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2003-04-26Cancelled
93-032Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0087 Issue 4VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2003-04-26Cancelled
93-051Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0093 Issue 5VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2003-04-26Cancelled
93-050Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0092 Issue 4VISHAY S.A. DIVISION... (France)2003-04-06Cancelled
93-062Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0051 Issue 4FIRADEC (France)2003-03-12Cancelled
92-086Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0043 Issue 5EUROFARAD (France)2002-12-18Cancelled
93-014Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0045 Issue 5EUROFARAD (France)2002-12-18Cancelled
92-087Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0044 Issue 5EUROFARAD (France)2002-12-18Cancelled
82-166Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0038 Issue 5EUROFARAD (France)2002-12-10Cancelled
82-087Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0037 Issue 4EUROFARAD (France)2002-12-10Cancelled
82-086Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0036 Issue 4EUROFARAD (France)2002-12-10Cancelled
82-168Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0039 Issue 4EUROFARAD (France)2002-12-10Cancelled
96-028Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0065 Issue 3S T P I (France)2002-10-04Cancelled
96-022Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0062 Issue 4S T P I (France)2002-10-04Cancelled
96-023Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0063 Issue 4S T P I (France)2002-10-04Cancelled
96-027Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0064 Issue 3S T P I (France)2002-10-04Cancelled
95-025Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0070 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-29Cancelled
95-027Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0072 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-29Cancelled
95-023Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0068 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-29Cancelled
95-028Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0073 Issue 6LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-29Cancelled
95-022Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0067 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-29Cancelled
95-026Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0071 Issue 5LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-29Cancelled
95-024Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0069 Issue 4LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-29Cancelled
95-021Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0066 Issue 4LEACH INTERNATION EU... (France)2002-07-29Cancelled
97-038Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0096 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-040Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0098 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-048Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0106 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-045Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0103 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-044Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0102 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-041Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0099 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-036Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0094 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-043Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0101 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-042Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0100 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-046Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0104 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-037Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0095 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-047Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0105 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
97-039Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0097 Issue 3VISHAY ISRAEL ELECTR... (Israel)2002-07-02Cancelled
96-020Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0074 Issue 3LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-01Cancelled
96-021Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0075 Issue 3LEACH INTERNATIONAL ... (France)2002-07-01Cancelled
95-039Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0005 Issue 4APEM (France)2002-03-02Cancelled
95-036Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0002 Issue 4APEM (France)2002-03-02Cancelled
95-035Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0001 Issue 4APEM (France)2002-03-02Cancelled
95-037Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0003 Issue 4APEM (France)2002-03-02Cancelled
95-040Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0006 Issue 4APEM (France)2002-03-02Cancelled
95-038Q-IECQ LCIE 05.0004 Issue 4APEM (France)2002-03-02Cancelled
193-08-050HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0041 Issue 1SUZHOU SHI LONG PAPE... (China)2008/06/27Cancelled
193-08-046HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0040 Issue 1YAO CHUAN (SHEN ZHEN... (China)2008/06/27Cancelled
193-08-047HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0039 Issue 1REPON GROUP: REPON T... (Taiwan)2008/06/27Cancelled
193-08-042HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0033 Issue 1SUYIN ELECTRONICS (S... (China)2008/06/09Cancelled
193-08-041HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0034 Issue 1SUYIN ELECTRONICS (S... (China)2008/06/09Cancelled
193-08-043HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0032 Issue 1ATA PRECISION ENGINE... (China)2008/06/09Cancelled
193-08-040HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0035 Issue 1SUYIN ELECTRONICS (D... (China)2008/06/02Cancelled
193-08-039HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0026 Issue 1TAITIEN ELECTRONICS ... (Taiwan)2008/05/16Cancelled
193-08-033/4HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0019 Issue 1 QUANTA (SHANGHAI) M... (China)2008/05/13Cancelled
193-08-037HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0012 Issue 1FENG SHENG TECHNOLOG... (Taiwan)2008/05/13Cancelled
193-08-029/2HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0010 Issue 1VANSON ELECTRONICS (... (China)2008/05/13Cancelled
193-08-033/3HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0018 Issue 1QUANTA (SHANGHAI) MA... (China)2008/05/13Cancelled
193-08-033/6HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0022 Issue 1QUANTA (SHANGHAI) MA... (China)2008/05/13Cancelled
193-08-033/7HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0023 Issue 1QUANTA (SHANGHAI) MA... (China)2008/05/13Cancelled
193-08-033/1HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0016 Issue 1QUANTA (SHANGHAI) MA... (China)2008/05/13Cancelled
193-08-033/2HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0017 Issue 1QUANTA (SHANGHAI) MA... (China)2008/05/13Cancelled
193-08-030HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0003 Issue 1REPON GROUP : SUZHOU... (China)2008/04/15Cancelled
193-08-028/2HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0006 Issue 1QUANTA COMPUTER INC. (Taiwan)2008/04/15Cancelled
193-08-031HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0004 Issue 1LIN HAI EVERGREEN AR... (China)2008/04/15Cancelled
193-08-025/1HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0007 Issue 1MAGIX MECHATRONICS C... (China)2008/03/19Cancelled
193-08-023/1HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0028 Issue 1TWINWILL OPTRONICS I... (Taiwan)2008/03/13Cancelled
193-08-023/2HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0029 Issue 1TWINWILL OPTRONICS I... (Taiwan)2008/03/13Cancelled
193-08-023/3HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0030 Issue 1TWINWILL OPTRONICS I... (China)2008/03/13Cancelled
193-08-022/2HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0027 Issue 1ZIPPY TECHNOLOGY COR... (Taiwan)2008/03/10Cancelled
193-08-022/1HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0026 Issue 1ZIPPY TECHNOLOGY COR... (Taiwan)2008/03/10Cancelled
193-08-021HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0019 Issue 1CHANGSHU FOREVER GAL... (China)2008/02/28Cancelled
193-08-020HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0020 Issue 1SUNPLUS TECHNOLOGY C... (Taiwan)2008/02/28Cancelled
193-08-016HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0021 Issue 1JIMO ZHONGXING CARTO... (China)2008/02/21Cancelled
193-08-018/3HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0025 Issue 1SHANGHAI TONGFU SILI... (China)2008/02/21Cancelled
193-08-019HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0018 Issue 1KUN SHAN HWA JIUH PR... (China)2008/02/21Cancelled
193-08-012HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0009 Issue 1QISDA CZECH S.R.O. (Czech Republic)2008/02/01Cancelled
193-08-009HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0012 Issue 1UTC ELECTRONIC TECHN... (China)2008/01/28Cancelled
193-08-010HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0013 Issue 1SILITEK ELECTRONIC (... (China)2008/01/28Cancelled
193-08-011HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0014 Issue 1FRD ELECTRONICS (KUN... (China)2008/01/28Cancelled
193-08-005HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0002 Issue 1PACIFIC MASTER PRECI... (China)2008/01/21Cancelled
193-08-007HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0007 Issue 1DONGGUAN LIAO BU JIA... (China)2008/01/21Cancelled
193-08-006HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0003 Issue 1NIDEC NISSIN (H.K.) ... (China)2008/01/21Cancelled
193-08-003HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0008 Issue 1CEL (France)2008/01/11Cancelled
193-08-002HC-IECQ LCIE 08.0005 Issue 1DER CHING TECHNOLOGY... (China)2008/01/11Cancelled
193-07-038HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0059 Issue 1SUZHOU AEON TECH CO.... (China)2007/12/07Cancelled
193-07-036HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0060 Issue 1SONGLEI JINGMI ELECT... (China)2007/12/07Cancelled
193-07-030HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0056 Issue 1DANTHERM AIR HANDLIN... (China)2007/10/18Cancelled
193-07-032HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0054 Issue 13H AND COMPANY LIMIT... (China)2007/10/08Cancelled
193-07-022HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0046 Issue 1GOLDEN ARROW PRINTIN... (China)2007/08/24Cancelled
193-07-014HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0038 Issue 1ZHU HAI CITY XIANG Z... (China)2007/06/15Cancelled
193-07-015HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0036 Issue 1TAIZHOU ZHENGDA DECO... (China)2007/06/15Cancelled
193-07-011HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0035 Issue 1DONGGUAN HUA MAO MET... (China)2007/06/15Cancelled
193-07-010HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0039 Issue 1ZHEJIANG JINDELI BEA... (China)2007/06/11Cancelled
193-07-008HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0030 Issue 1AMPAK TECHNOLOGY (KU... (China)2007/05/25Cancelled
193-07-002HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0018 Issue 1MINAMI ACOUSTICS LIM... (China)2007/01/10Cancelled
193-06-022HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0025 Issue 1GLOBEFAN TECHNOLOGY ... (China)2006/12/22Cancelled
193-06-016HC-IECQ ECCB 07.0135 Issue 1TRANSCEND INFORMATIO... (Taiwan)2006/10/25Cancelled
193-06-008HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0008 Issue 1JIANGSU MIDEA CHUNHU... (China)2006/10/02Cancelled
193-06-020HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0023 Issue 1WISTRON SERVICE (KUN... (China)2006/09/20Cancelled
193-06-007HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0010 Issue 1ZHONGSHAN YESHM CO... (China)2006/09/15Cancelled
193-06-015HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0014 Issue 1TOYO PRECISION SCREW... (China)2006/08/31Cancelled
193-06-003HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0007 Issue 1SRT - MICROCERAMIQUE (France)2006/07/28Cancelled
193-06-001HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0002 Issue 1KUNSHAN SHANGYI INTE... (China)2006/06/23Cancelled
193-001-05HC-IECQ LCIE 07.0001 Issue 1DELTRON FRANCE (France)2005/12/15Cancelled
98-014 Is.9IECQ-C LCIE 13.0004 Issue 4STPI (France)2022-01-12Cancelled
98-013 Is.9IECQ-C LCIE 13.0003 Issue 4STPI (France)2022-01-12Cancelled
92-041 Is.11IECQ-C LCIE 13.0002 Issue 4STPI (France)2022-01-12Cancelled
92-040 Is.11IECQ-C LCIE 13.0001 Issue 4STPI (France)2022-01-12Cancelled
031-92 Is.16IECQ-P LCIE 12.0007 Issue 5STPI (France)2021-12-28Cancelled
97-019 Is.10IECQ-C LCIE 12.0019 Issue 5EXXELIA SAS (France)2021-05-19Cancelled
96-022 Is.10IECQ-C LCIE 14.0027 Issue 3STPI (France)2020-10-04Cancelled
96-023 Is.10IECQ-C LCIE 14.0028 Issue 3STPI (France)2020-10-04Cancelled
96-027 Is.10IECQ-C LCIE 14.0029 Issue 4STPI (France)2020-10-04Cancelled
96-028 Is.9IECQ-C LCIE 14.0030 Issue 3STPI (France)2020-10-04Cancelled
95-012 Is.12IECQ-C LCIE 13.0013 Issue 4VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2020-03-10Cancelled
93-057 Is. 9IECQ-C LCIE 13.0017 Issue 3VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2019-08-10Cancelled
01-010 Is.5IECQ-C LCIE 13.0012 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2019-04-19Cancelled
001-02 Is. 10IECQ-P LCIE 12.0008 Issue 4VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2018-09-14Cancelled
03-004 Is. 6IECQ-C LCIE 12.0021 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2018-09-14Cancelled
03-005 Is. 6IECQ-C LCIE 12.0022 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2018-09-14Cancelled
03-006 Is. 6IECQ-C LCIE 12.0023 Issue 3VISHAY TANSITOR ELEC... (United States of America)2018-09-14Cancelled
00-001 Is. 8IECQ-C LCIE 12.0009 Issue 4EXXELIA SAS (France)2018-09-14Cancelled
97-017 Is. 9IECQ-C LCIE 12.0017 Issue 4EXXELIA SAS (France)2018-09-14Cancelled
97-018 Is. 9IECQ-C LCIE 12.0018 Issue 4EXXELIA SAS (France)2018-09-14Cancelled
93-032 Is. 10IECQ-C LCIE 12.0003 Issue 3VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2018-04-26Cancelled
93-033 Is. 10IECQ-C LCIE 12.0004 Issue 3VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2018-04-26Cancelled
93-049 Is. 10IECQ-C LCIE 12.0006 Issue 3VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2018-04-26Cancelled
93-050 Is. 10IECQ-C LCIE 12.0007 Issue 3VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2018-04-26Cancelled
93-051 Is. 11IECQ-C LCIE 12.0008 Issue 3VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2018-04-26Cancelled
006-93 Is.15IECQ-P LCIE 12.0001 Issue 3VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2018-03-28Cancelled
002-99 Is. 12IECQ-P LCIE 12.0003 Issue 3VISHAY ELECTRONICS S... (Czech Republic)2018-03-27Cancelled
05-004 Is.5IECQ-C LCIE 14.0020 Issue 2VISHAY ISRAËL Ltd (Israel)2017-07-26Cancelled
93-036 Is. 10IECQ-C LCIE 13.0021 Issue 2VISHA S.A. Division ... (France)2016-09-20Cancelled
93-037 Is. 11IECQ-C LCIE 13.0020 Issue 2VISHAY S.A. Division... (France)2016-09-20Cancelled
07-001 Is. 4IECQ-C LCIE 13.0007 Issue 2SRT Microcéramique (France)2016-02-01Cancelled
03-D-93 Is. 13IECQ-P LCIE 14.0001 Issue 2CEL (France)2015-03-30Cancelled

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